January Gym Etiquette Reminders

It’s January and the gym is busy! Here are 5 TIPS  to keep in mind if you at the gym this week. Whether you are new, returning after a break, or a daily fixture in your club, it’s good to have a reminder!





  1. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR FRAGRANCE, PERFUME, COLOGNE, AFTER SHAVE TO THE CLUB. This includes  scented deodorant, shampoos, lotions, and any other product that contains a chemical based fragrance (which means practically all unless listed as “unscented”.

 Unfortunately those who are used to wearing these products become desensitized to the smell and often don’t realize they’ve invaded someone's scent circle. Do not assume your products aren’t bothering others. In fact, do the opposite and assume that they are, and switch to scent free options, or at the most natural scents or essential oils. If the bottle lists "fragrance" don't use it -  It's chemicals.


When you start to exercise, the scents are intensified and become stronger. For those around you who are in the middle of their workouts and breathing heavy, this can make it hard to breathe, and create lung, throat, eyes, and sinus issues IMMEDIATELY.  Please, please, please, believe what I am telling you.  These products do not cover up body odour, and are more offensive to serious fitness enthusiasts than you can possibly imagine.


This goes for the change room and shower area, too. Showering with these chemical concoctions of toxic scents and then spraying perfume in the change room is overwhelming to those with whom you are sharing space.


These toxins are affecting your health too so if you are making healthy changes this January why not ditch the chemicals while you’re at it?


2.   SPRAY AND WIPE DOWN YOUR EQUIPMENT. Most clubs will have spray bottles and paper towels dispersed throughout the club. Whether you are on a piece of equipment 5 minutes or 60,  please take a moment to wipe down the seat, handlebars, display, and any other place you’ve touched or sweated on. 


3.    ARRIVE AT A NEW CLASS EARLY. If you are trying a new class for the first time and might need help with the equipment or want to talk to the instructor about any injuries, concerns, or questions about the class, please arrive a few minutes early. I teach cycling classes and it can be tricky when someone new shows up just as you are beginning to instruct and you have to try and juggle helping them set up their bike and giving them the information they need to adjust their tension, etc., at the same time as making sure class gets started on time.


4.       KEEP PERSONAL CONVERSATIONS DURING CLASS TO A MINIMUM. Part of why people love fitness classes are because the group dynamic is motivating and fun. Avoid crossing that line into a personal conversation that continue non –stop throughout the class. Others are trying to hear the instructor. The instructor is trying to talk over you. The instructor is trying to help you get the most out of your workout, and keep you safe. Participating by cheering and hooting is awesome and encouraged, it's the personal conversations about non class topics that are disruptive.


5.      USE A LOCKER. Avoid leaving clothes and gym bags littered on the gym floor. Take the extra minute to hit the locker room and eliminate the safety issue of someone tripping over you stuff, or blocking a travel path towards an exit in an emergency.


All these tips are based on one principle; being considerate and respectful of others, and are easy to follow by simply being aware of what's happening around you.  Please keep these in mind as you head off to the gym this week so everyone can get the full stress busting benefits of a great work out!

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