February ~ Love Your Liver!

Happy February! Winter is my 4th favourite season and so I am excited to feel the days getting longer, not to mention the thaw happening this week.


While we North Americans usually associate February with Valentine’s Day, the word “February” is derived from the Latin “februare” which means “to purify”. In the ancient Roman calendar, February was the last month of the year and a purification ritual was held mid-month to celebrate


 Ayurveda tradition agrees, with February signaling that it’s time to let go of the accumulated toxins from winter in order to greet spring feeling energetic and balanced.


These ancient cleansing principles are more vital than ever for optimal

health. In our modern environment we are constantly exposed to more toxins than ever before – in our air, water, and food. Supporting your body’s detoxification processes is essential self-care.


As you know, I am all about cleansing! But the reason why I am so passionate about it has changed, or rather has deepened over the years. After over a decade of working as a natural health practitioner, I feel strongly that poor liver function is at the root of many of the most prevalent health conditions, and by restoring the physiology of the liver, healing in many different areas can finally occur.


Actually, the term “liver function” doesn’t give the liver his props. The liver is responsible for hundreds of functions, not just one, every second! The liver is part of the Stomach/Colon/Liver Triad - a major health stabilizing system, and is responsible for multiple jobs.  


When the liver is congested and not functioning optimally it stresses other organs and systems, including lungs, kidneys, lymph, colon, skin, and even the pancreas.  Unfortunately, it is estimated that only 1 in 100,000 of us have a healthy liver.


Toxicity is regarded as the first stage of disease.  Dr. Norman Walker believed that approximately 80 percent of disease begins in the colon, with constipation the number one affliction at the root of illness. Hence colon cleansing is an essential component of a liver cleanse.  The most effective way to do this is with colonics.


Colonics are often misunderstood and looked upon solely as a superficial clearing out, similar to how we clean out a clogged sink pipe. When we think of them as a reactionary method to address poor eating choices, we aren’t really understanding the scope of their benefits or role in health. Colonics not only remove fecal matter, but also accumulated toxins, bacteria, viruses, mucous, yeast and fungus. They help restore proper bacteria balance, improve absorption of nutrients, tone the colon to improve chronic constipation, and stimulate the detoxification of other organs such as the liver and kidneys.


Colonics reduce the toxic burden on the entire body – not just the colon, and ensure the channels for drainage are open. This is essential when targeting the liver for cleansing to ensure those toxins are able leave the body once released.  The liver won’t be able to let go of toxins if the colon is backed up, or not draining effectively. 


Proper cleansing is not a pre-packaged kit that you can buy at the health food store. Most of these are glorified laxatives that skim the surface, at best. At worse, they stir up toxins that can’t be released and result in flu or cold symptoms.

We are all unique and your cleanse should be selected based on your individual needs. Just as one diet isn’t right for everyone, one cleanse isn’t right for everyone.


An effective cleansing protocol will consider

food selection, appropriate exercise,  colonics, mind-body practices, and specifically chosen herbs, teas, or tinctures where appropriate. 


Regular cleansing helps restore physiology. By restoring physiology, pathology can’t exist.


If your body is talking to you, listen before the messages get louder. It is asking for intervention to assist with its innate desire to heal.


So many myths and misconceptions abound regarding colonics. I will continue to address them in future posts to help you determine if they resonate with you. Because of the gut/brain connection, colonics can also elicit an emotional release, and so it's important to decide for yourself when you are ready. There are so many health benefits I encourage you to explore the possibility!  Please visit my “Frequently Asked Questions” page on my website if you’d like more information.


If you are in the London area, I would be pleased to assist you with your cleanse. For those further away, I can support you through phone or Skype appointments in developing a cleansing protocol that you can implement while receiving colonics in your area.


During the month set aside for all things LOVE, please love yourself more this month, and love your liver!

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