Turn Your World Red

Earlier this week at my bird feeder there were 5 cardinals all at the same time. Oh joy, I love cardinals! They reminded me of one of my favourite poems which I am posting below.  Cardinal Medicine reminds us to practice good self care. As it's the month set aside for love, I hope you are loving yourself BIG!


"Turn Your World Red" ~ Danna Faulds

Cardinal calls me from the
railing of the deck. "Turn
your world red," he says,
insistent, beckoning. "Risk
life outside your hard-earned
walls and windows. Cast
aside caution, propriety,
and your too small sense
of what you can and cannot
do. Fly! I tell you that the
sky knows no constraints.
All you are or can be comes
clear in the near approach of
clouds. Fly! That which you
fear the most holds your
deepest teaching. Let your
spirit be the bridge between
safety and release. Soar to
the far end of what is known
from dawn to twilight, then
throw yourself at the whim
of the wild night winds.
Turn your world red, and
live with no regrets. Fly!
And if you are blown off
course, just change your
destination. Choose to
land wherever your two
feet are standing.

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