Top 5 Strategies for a Healthy Winter – That Don’t Include a Flu Shot

The best approach to a healthy winter begins now, by supporting your immune system so it can do its job. We were designed to come into contact with bacteria and viruses and while some avoidance tactics are smart, there are additional ways to ensure our immune system has all the tools it needs to fight infection, and keep us healthy.


Here are 5 Strategies you can do now!



1. Vitamin D3 - Studies on Vitamin D3 indicate it cuts the risk of contracting flu and colds. As our natural exposure (the sun) to vitamin D decreases at this time of year it's wise to supplement from now until spring to help regulate your immune system. Anywhere from 3000 to 15000 units a day might be indicated depending on your unique needs.

2. Probiotics - With approximately 80 percent of your immune system residing in your gut, health really does begin in your colon. Your intestinal flora is disturbed by factors such as high sugar consumption, processed or GM foods, medications, and stress. Probiotics replenish and help colonize the "good" bacteria that help ensure our immune systems are operating efficiently. The quality of probiotics on the market varies greatly! Get expert advice on the brand, and the formula best for you so your money is well spent.

3. Your Food Intake - It's not a coincidence that cold and flu season coincides with the Holiday Season. Sugar intake rises this time of year, from obvious sources like Halloween candy and Christmas cookies to the sugar in alcohol and breads. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut and suppresses your immune system. If you choose to eat  sugar, compensate with extra vegetables, and by taking your (quality) supplements. And don't forget your regular colonics to support lymphatic drainage, keep your gut bacteria in balance and allow your probiotic supplement to work at its best (and so much more!!).

4. Homeopathics, Herbs and Tinctures - There are some wonderful natural remedies that can boost your immune system, shorten the duration of a cold/flu, and provide relief of symptoms without the harmful side effects of medication. While medications suppress symptoms, natural remedies work with your body to overcome the root cause and get you feeling better more quickly.  I have a few favourites I keep on hand in a holistic version of a medicine chest or cabinet. Not sure what to put in yours? Contact me for a consul t~


5. Lifestyle Choices - Adequate sleep, regular exercise, and breath work or mediation, are all important factors for immune function, and also adrenal function. Adrenals and the immune system have an interesting relationship! When we are under periods of stress and in the fight or flight response, immune function is suppressed.



Let’s focus on making healthy (and loving) choices, instead of feeling powerless to germs. Give your immune system what it needs, and thrive this winter!

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    Deb Turford (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 12:16)

    I love these tips! And thank you for the newsletter. Even though we sort of 'know' some of these things, or think we do anyway... we need reminders to get on track and stay there!

    Love it