Follow the Seasons: The Best Cleanse for Fall

Last Friday was the Autumnal Equinox, marking the 2nd moment in the year with equal amounts of day and night (actually, we got 9 minutes more daylight this year!),  and we are also entered the sign of Libra (the scales).  BALANCE is in the air. While it can be sad to say goodbye to summer,  we can tap into this new energy of the pendulum swinging back,and be inspired to reorganize, reset in one area or another, and even start something new.

While Spring is all about the liver cleanse, Fall is about the parasite cleanse! Yep, I said it.  Those uninvited guests that we don’t like to think about yet can reek havoc on our health.


There is an expression: If you have a pulse, you have parasites".  :(


The CDC (Centre for Disease Control) states that millions of North Americans are infected with various forms of parasites, with much research still needed to understand them, and their effects on our health.


Because of their prevalence in our environment, it’s easy to come in contact by way of our food, water, soil (walking barefoot), and even taking a breath.  Some we can have a symbiotic relationship with, however parasites become problematic when they set up permanent residence and begin raising families ;)

One of the biggest health impacts they can have is that they act like sponges, and can absorb heavy metals, viruses, and other bacteria, including Lyme, creating a toxic burden on our bodies and making them and correlating infections harder to treat. Furthermore, research is showing “bugs” can share DNA, or morph and change into different forms of organisms. Yikes!

3-4 numbers selected by your practitioner
3-4 numbers selected by your practitioner

This is why I don’t recommend just doing an herbal cleanse kit for them. Instead, it's so important to address the broader toxic burden that could potentially be released when dissolving and removing parasites and their waste products.


The cleanse I am starting this month and what I recommend  is a protocol of:


  • Biotherapeutic Drainage UNDA Numbered Compounds
  • Black Walnut Combination Tincture
  • Colonic Series - to promote drainage and support detoxification phases and organs, and  help avoid any unpleasant die off symptoms.
  • Additional support might be appropriate if you suspect a chronic or severe infection.


Our diet, of course, can optimize our cleansing efforts. Consistency in avoiding sugar, wheat, and dairy will help starve the infection, while things like raw pumpkin seeds, cloves, and garlic will help eliminate them. Low to moderate good fats and protein will support the liver. Just remember, it isn't a diet!


For serious infections, there may be a need for pharmaceutical support, too. If you are concerned, visit your Doctor.


Unfortunately, clinical stool samples quite often miss a parasitic infection. The parasites can be in a dormant phase, die before making it under the microscope, or not even be in the small sample chosen for the microscope slide from the larger amount “collected”.  Because parasites are so common, I simply do parasite cleanses periodically (usually twice a year) as part of my health regime. It’s critical you be your own health advocate, and trust your gut.


Many healthy individuals can be carriers for parasites without any symptoms. For many others parasites cause a wide range of health effects.  We can all benefit from a cleanse whether to be proactive or to address symptoms and poor health.

Any cleanse you do, at any time of year, is about supporting your own body's detoxification systems, being proactive about your health, and restoring balance. The terms "cleanse" and "detox" unfortunately have been promoted as diets in recent years. Any weight loss as a result of a true cleanse is simply a side effect of your body coming into balance. I think this is important to clarify this isn't about a diet, as cleansing is so important when you consider the toxicity we are faced with every day in the air, water, and food supply (pesticides, glyphosate, etc.). 


We don't wait for the oil lights to come on in our cars before changing the oil, so let's be proactive with our health too!


As always, contact me if you would like a protocol tailored for you.  Happy cleansing!