The Energy of Living Agelessly

How do you expect to age? 

 It is so common to hear comments about age or aging associated with our state of health that most of us don’t even think twice about it.  But here’s why you should, and why and how it can improve your health if you do. 


Do you have beliefs about what it means to be 40, or 50, etcetera? Not just for you to be that age, but anyone? Are your beliefs about aging the same as those around you or do you find yourself thinking differently than most?  

We have entrenched cultural beliefs around what it means to get older. And while we know that good nutrition and movement are essential to aging well, these cultural beliefs play an extremely significant role, too. 

Considering that for most of human history life expectancy was in the early to mid-forties, where do these beliefs about aging in our 50’s ,60’s, 70’s, and beyond come from and how have they shaped our current experiences? 

According to Dr. Alberto Villoldo, psychologist, medical anthropologist, and author of many books including “Grow a New Body”, up until our mid – forties our health and biology is driven by the desire to reproduce. Moving beyond our forties is a new way of life that needs to be fuelled by a new energy.  This fuel or new energy comes when you allow your soul to dictate your life. When we can do this, we can not only choose to age well, but live agelessly.  

Living agelessly requires an understanding that our culture teaches us what is supposed to happened at various ages. This is described by neuropsychologist, Dr. Mario Martinez, author of “The MindBody Code” and defined as “Cultural Portals”.  When we can recognize when we are hearing a cultural portal whether in the media, in dialogue with someone else or a group, or simply our self-talk, we now can change it.  

Most of our current cultural portals are negative. Here are a just a few general themes with just one of many example statements beside each of them: 

Age 35 – Infertility. (My eggs are old and so I expect I will have a hard time conceiving.) 

Age 40 – Metabolism slows down/weight gain (I turned 40 and the weight started to pile on.”) 

Age 50 – Degenerative diseases begin (“I am really stiff when I wake up - I must be getting arthritis”) 

Age 65 - Too old (“No one is going to hire me at my age”) 

Cultural Portals can be confusing to understand because often we see evidence of them being true! But the reason we can find examples of them being real, statistically speaking anyway, is that it’s a cultural reality. Scientific principles explain the physics as to how this happens: 

Quantum Mechanics
The physical body responds to beliefs about what is possible. The thoughts and belief holding the electric filed around something is what creates the physical reality. 


Principle Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

The very act of observing something changes it.


When enough of us are thinking the same thought our mass consciousness thinks it into being!

It’s interesting to observe other areas in the world where our cultural portals do not exist. For example, there are remote communities where women routinely have babies in their 40’s and even 50’s. No one ever told them their eggs were old. 


Not only do we create and experience our cultural portals in the present, we let them create our future. We expect and even plan for our health to deteriorate. We move into one storey bungalows long before we have mobility issues in preparation for when we can’t climb stairs anymore. We want to travel now before we can’t get around.   


Ageless living happens when we allow the shift to our new energy source and its guidance, creativity, and joy of being in our bodies. We do things, wear things, eat things, plan for things, etc. not because of what our birth certificate says, but because of how we feel, and because we honour and respect our bodies. Ageless living is not an anti-aging campaign. It is about being empowered, listening to your body, and not blaming symptoms on having a birthday.  


Dr. Christiane Northrup talks about 50 as the cultural portal associated with degenerative diseases. She states that it isn’t that our bodies begin to fall apart at that age, it is that the body stops putting up with things that haven’t been supporting it for years. Thankfully, the new driving energy from our soul helps directs us with those changes if we are listening. 

To Live Agelessly, changing our cultural portals is key. There is much you can do, and with the more of us doing it we become the new mass conscious energy creating new cultural beliefs that can take form in the physical. 

  • *Be an outsider (of these cultural beliefs) and look for outsiders! 

  • *Decide what our culture teaches us about aging is not going to be your experience. 


  • *Choose your language around aging. Don’t participate in current cultural portal conversations. 

  • *We coauthor each other’s biology by what we believe about a person so don’t tell anyone your age or ask anyone their age. This is the advice of Dr. Christiane Northrup and detailed in her book, Goddesses Never Age, and that of Dr. Martinez.  This isn’t about hiding or denying your age but an awareness that when you say your age, others will project their beliefs about that age onto you and outward, and the cultural portal is enforced. Even to say, “I am proud of how I look, or, “what I can do for/at my age”, is keeping you in the box. Dr. Northrup states, “the minute you begin to participate in that conversation, you begin to create that reality for yourself”.  

  • *Be aware of the Quantum Reality that “We Are All One”. When you improve your own health, you change the legacy of your entire family 

  • *When you become the first person to say something, you give others the permission to do the same. It takes courage and energy to break through belief patterns that do not serve you but know you are supported by the current energies being ushered in. 

  • *Don’t plan for your decrepitude. Expect good things from your body.  

Getting older is a privilege, and an opportunity to increase your value and competence. Aging Well and Ageless Living go hand in hand and has nothing to do with the societal pressure or expectation that we need to look a certain way forever and never have a wrinkle. 

Start with good nutrition and movement you enjoy. Listen to your body and respond when it’s trying to tell you something. Act while it's whispering instead of waiting for it to be shouting. For example, being proactive with your body work (massage, osteopathy, fascia release, etcetera.)


"Age is just a number, and agelessness means not buying into the idea that a number determines everything from your state of health to your attractiveness to your value"

                                                                                                                      Dr. Christianne Northrup