GUT - BRAIN Detox Plan


Last post I mentioned I would be offering some true detoxification protocol options.  Detoxification is the foundation for health and is more crucial than ever before, yet there is a lot of ineffective information circulating - especially at this time of year.

One of the main reasons most cleanses at best are a waste of time and money and at worse can create a healing crisis is because the toxins stirred up can't get out of the body.


This is why the first part of my protocol focuses on "opening your emunctories". Emunctories are the elimination pathways in your body. You have 4 main: Kidneys, Liver, Colon, and Lungs, with the skin and mucous membranes being secondary routes.


PHASE 1 - 30 Days
Establish Drainage |Improve Gut Health |Break Down Toxins

Biotherapeutic Drainage Remedies 

·                     Work deeply at the cellular level to break down toxins small enough to be able to exit the body.

·                     Facilitate these toxins towards the appropriate emunctory and out of the body.

·                     Bypass the gut, therefore not requiring any metabolism or digestion.

·                     Do not interfere with any medication or supplements.

·                     Complement and enhance any other means of detoxification or depuration one might be doing, or want to               do.

·                     Simple to take. (5 drops of each bottle, 3 times a day)

Phase 1 includes 4 of these remedies specifically grouped together to create a protocol that promotes drainage of all digestive organs, and the mucosal lining of the gut itself. This protocol is indicated for Dysbiosis (too much bad bacteria), Parasites, Leaky Gut (gut permeability) Colitis, Constipation, Skin Issues, and more. Includes support for the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and lymphatic system.

For more information on these remedies please follow this link.

Phase 1 includes specific enzymes and probiotics to support your digestive system and the rest and repair stages of detoxification.
Then, because everyone is different - some may benefit from additional products to help with dormant viruses, heavy metals, or repair of the gut lining. For others this is unnecessary or too much all at once. 
Therefore instead of making one general recommendation with all options included you will receive a 30 minute assessment/consult utilizing the Quantum Resonance Biofeedback to determine if including more supports would be the most beneficial protocol for you, or not. (Examples of possible additions include Cat's Claw, Parasitic Herbal Formula, or L-glutamine.)




PHASE 2 - 30 Days
Drainage and Detoxification of the Brain and Central Nervous System

Biotherapeutic Drainage Remedies 

Phase 2 includes a new set of 4 of these powerful yet gentle remedies specifically grouped together to create a protocol that detoxifies and restores the physiology of the brain and nervous system. Indications include, brain fog, memory loss, inability to focus, ADD, OCD, depression, mood disorders, insomnia, anxiety, stress, and much more. 

You will continue with enzymes and probiotics and you will receive a second 30 minute assessment using Quantum Biofeedback to determine any additional supports that would be ideal for you such as Cilantro, Ginkgo, Gemmotherapy, Algae Based DHA.

If you would like to participate in this 2 month cleanse please send me an email for full details and pricing by February 1st.


"99% of people living today have "broken brains" - they have been damaged by the toxins to which we have been exposed. The first thing you must do is "detox your brain. You must get toxins out so your system can upgrade the software (the luminous energy field), and when you upgrade the software, that upgrades the body."

 ~Alberto Villoldo