How to Create a Clear Vision for 2020

How you start the year sets the intention for the entire year. Do you have your clear vision for 2020?

We've enrolled in this Earth School and we are here to learn and grow. We can probably remember a grade in school that we really loved. We knew we couldn't stay in that grade even though we were happy (or comfortable or it was familiar) there.

The same applies to our lives. Up - level wherever we find ourselves. This is contrary to messaging around "Resolutions" that we need to fix something that is wrong with us. Instead, we ask ourselves questions such as:

  • What else is possible?
  • What's serving me and what's not? (Food, Habits, Relationships, for example.)
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What do I want more of in my life? (peace, joy, fun, for example.)
  • Am I holding onto anger or resentment that I need to release?
  • Am I choosing easy vs self loving?
  • What clutter can I clear to make room for something new? (physical clutter, emotional clutter, relationship clutter, for example.)
  • Do I have subconscious beliefs that are influencing my choices or how I look at things or relationships?

We can get stuck in our comfort zones, or get used to things or patterns that become our baselines. Often we don't know how much better we could feel until we do. These types of questions create the awareness needed for change.

2020 is the year of clear vision, not only to envision what we want, but to gain clarity by removing any filters or lenses through which we look at things. These filters can be our stories we attach based on our own personal histories, but also those we have been taught to believe about something.

Alberto Villoldo (remember him from last week's email?) has a powerful example relating to our health:

"We are all going to live to be 100. If you follow the bell curve you are going to spend the last 15 years bedridden or in a wheelchair. Break out of the shared nightmare and become an outlier. You can have vitality until your very last day."

"The nightmare" is a Shamanic term, and in this case he is referring to the cultural belief structure that getting old and dying includes decrepitude or illness. We are all interconnected and when enough of us think the same thought repeatedly we collectively think it into being. Neurons that fire together wire together. If we can change our thoughts we can lay down new neural pathways, creating new beliefs that support us in creating our best lives.

2020 holds the opportunity to see things as we choose to see them, not how we have been taught they are.

As you listen to the wide range of messages about diets and detox gimmicks this month, think as an outlier and c
learly see what cultural belief is being enforced. 

We are each selecting our health by what we eat, drink, and THINK.