Your Best Immunity for All Viruses

The attention and fear surrounding the Coronavirus is increasing daily in the media. Throughout time our ancestors experienced fear of plagues and disease and we can carry this fear in our cellular memory. This fear can be triggered when we hear and read about this current virus. The opportunity we now have is to not let this fear become our dominant vibration.

Take basic precautions without resorting to the borderline mass hysteria defences happening around us. It is unrealistic to think we can bubble wrap ourselves. Instead, the present moment is your point of power. Turn your focus inward and on ways to become your own adaptagen against this illness and any other. By doing so you can co-exist with the millions of viruses and other pathogens in our world.


The coronavirus is an invitation to do a check in with yourself to make sure you are taking care of your health, and make any needed adjustments.


Focus on your terrain: your microbiome and your immune system, your emotional and mental well-being. You are far more powerful than you may realize, and certainly more than the cultural narrative would have you believe.


Shift your inner dialogue away from fear to trust and empowerment, establishing that as your most dominant energy; resonating with what you want, not with which you don't. Align yourself with health!