Answering the Call to Go Inward

How are you?


Does it feel like the pause button has been pressed, on well; your life?


There we were, moments away from Spring and the anticipation and expectation of new starts, growth, and expansion in both personal and professional areas of our lives, and then - pause.


Instead, we are being called to go inward. Not just as individuals but the global collective. Beyond this physical virus, there is a deeper rumble of much needed change.

I think back to January and how the energies of 2020 indicated breakthrough if we could keep the vision and remain focused. 2020 was also the year to "do less". I am sure none of expected such an extreme manifestation!


Our earth is tired; her immune system is compromised. These global events have provided her a small respite as we all are forced to slow down. I am not diminishing the impact this is having on those who are sick, are experiencing loss, health care workers, grocery store and other front line employees, and each of us in a thousand different ways. And 


For many, going inward feels raw, vulnerable, and unsettling. Things we've thought we'd worked through, let go of, or move on from, may be resurfacing. Be assured you are not back to where you were. Instead, you've travelled up the spiral and have an opportunity to heal at a deeper level.


Wherever you find yourself, choose to be empowered, thoughtful, grounded, grateful, hopeful, and perhaps even inspired.


I am not saying it is easy. Maybe easier for some, but most of us have never experienced a situation like this and we are all impacted whether we are conscious of it or not. Not only will we have our own feelings, we are part of a larger collective, or mass consciousness. When was the last time the entire world was focused on one situation?

During times of challenge and change it’s important to focus on health and self care.


Our food choices, movement, sleep habits, and mindfulness practices, will keep us grounded and resilient.


Feel Your Feelings. Feelings that are not processed can manifest as symptoms in our bodies. “The body always knows.”


Symptoms with the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and bladder are associated with fear, anger, frustration, resentment, bitterness, and irritation. When we have difficulty digesting the outside world it can impact our stomach. Sadness is corelated to the lungs.


Take a moment to check in with your body. Seek support if you have been experiencing tension, digestive issues, stiffness, inflammation, or other physical symptoms, or for processing your feelings. You are an ocean, with feelings sometimes coming in waves, or hiding under the surface. It's easy not to realize the presence of an emotion until it shows in the body. Many alternative therapists and practitioners, including I, have online or remote services. Support is available even when we are being asked to stay home. 


Choose faith and trust over the virus of fear. Be very selective in your news sources and how much time and attention you give them. Get the facts you need to be responsible and healthy, and avoid going down the rabbit hole. Bonding over our wounds keeps us stuck in our fourth Chakras. (Carolyn Myss explains this in her classic book, "Anatomy of the Spirit". ) Choose to fill your energy field with things vibrating positivity, hope, empowerment, humour, and joy. Align yourself with health ~