Exploring the Energetic and Spiritual Aspects of COVID-19

For those interested in or looking for the deeper significance of the unified global crisis, you may have heard it referred to as signifying the Grand Age of Ascension.


The radical changes we are experiencing as a result of COVID-19 are part of the creation of the new energetic blueprint that began a few years ago. We are taking a giant step forward for a lasting, and much needed shift on our planet and humanity and towards 5D consciousness.


We are stepping more fully into the Age of Aquarius and subsequently the Piscean energies are fading. These 2 energies overlap for a time during the transition. Thus, when we emerge from this acute phase of crisis, some resulting changes will be obvious, some will be more subtle, and some will continue evolving over the next few years. Whatever your beliefs, one thing is sure, we have unpredictable days ahead.

 In the Age of Pisces, we were told what to believe through authority figures and institutions such as religions, government, doctors, etc. We began looking beyond our 5 senses and tuning into our inner guidance. Service, compassion, and love for our fellow man was encouraged.


 In the Age of Aquarius, we realize we are our own source of power, and choose what to believe. We deepen our intuition and inner guidance. Our love for others expands to the concept of oneness and unconditional love, including for ourselves. We understand we are all connected. “Unity Consciousness”.


The new energies no longer support over caring for others at the expense of our own self care and health. The martyr archetype is part of the Piscean energies coming to an end. Now, we are aware that we are all connected; light from one source. When we individually choose to awaken and raise our level of consciousness, we contribute to the elevation of those around us, and the collective.


 In the Age of Aquarius, we know we are not victims of circumstances but rather co-creators. We no longer wait for a leader, or guru, or saviour. We will each understand “you are the one you’ve been waiting for.” In terms of our health, we seek those that can help us help ourselves.


 Now, we are being asked to make our personal growth a priority. The old analogy of placing the oxygen mask on yourself becomes your nature; not something you must be reminded to do.


 The origins of COVID – 19 currently are irrelevant. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and in this moment that human experience includes us taking the responsible measures being asked of us. Most of us will suffer loss in one way or more such as loved ones, finances, and liberties.


 Amid the loss and the challenges is a call and an opportunity to align with the energies of the new age. For many this involves going inward, acknowledging old belief systems that are no longer serving, and a willingness to grow.


Most reading this are already answering the call. The people in the grocery stores with carts full of processed cookies, crackers, frozen pizzas, pop, and Kraft Dinner are probably not going to find this article. People continue to throw coffee cups, tissues, and other litter on the ground on their walks.  Others are socializing in the streets and grocery stores or having company over, oblivious that is not self-isolating. We cannot directly “convince” someone else.  Think of it as a radio station and you are on FM. Someone on AM is not going to hear you.


Yes, we can plant seeds of insight and information for an individual to recall when they are aligned but our biggest impact is to grow ourselves. By doing so we elevate the vibration of everyone around us and the collective.


We know we cannot isolate ourselves in our homes eating dead food, or numbing ourselves with wine, or sitting on the couch all day, or reading the sensationalized news or social media, and then feel victimized by a virus.


Rushing a vaccine to market is not going to save us. We cannot inoculate ourselves against the millions of viruses, or their mutations as they adapt.


Instead, be your own best resource.


Raise the vibration of your cells and your body. Coherence optimizes physiology. 

  • Choose high vibrational food
  • Move your body 
  • Meditate
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Spend time in nature
  • Eliminate your intake of toxins you can control – Perfumes, Chemicals, Herbicides, Wheat (Glyphosate), Fluoride...
  • Take your immune supports and ensure your body has the building blocks it needs. Be your own adaptogen. Make yourself an inhospitable host.

Everything in nature has self healing ability. You are a part of nature, and your body has this internal drive for balance.


Work with the energy of your body and energetic field. Energy medicine has existed for centuries.  These modalities will see an insurgence in this new age as we:

  • Remember we are energy
  • Realize that pharmacology and chemical intervention is not elevating health
  • Tap into our own ability to heal

Trust your inner guidance, and start wherever you are :)