Create a New Natural Instead of Settling for a New Normal

The narrative to accept a "new normal" is prevalent, but it has a greater context than the feel good/"let's bond through our root chakras" advertisements.


The current global crisis represents an opportunity to change who we are and how we act on and for our planet. At the same time we can think critically about the data, and what feelings are behind our choices.


To help this process ask yourself:


What are you willing to let go of?

What are you wanting to let go of?

What are you willing to give up and why? 


If we do not pay attention now an opportunity will be lost, and the next call for growth will be more severe and more uncomfortable. (Not because we'll be punished, or are victims, but simply because a message gets louder when we don't hear and respond to it. We get a whisper, then a knock, then the door knocked down, so to speak.) 


This is the moment in time to examine what positive changes and shifts to keep from this experience, while seeing clearly what you accept out of fear, pressure, shaming, lack of boundaries, or lack of knowledge. 


These answers are within each of us. 


Decide what to keep as your "new normal" and what to reject, by considering what feels natural, not normal. What resonates with you? The soul loves the truth! Inner guidance is a physical experience and you will feel and know it in your body.  How do your shoulders feel, your stomach? Are you carrying tension anywhere? Tightness? Inflammation? Pain? Does this "new normal"  feel empowering, or fearful? Expansive or contractive? Freeing or restrictive? Light or heavy?


If you "work" with Angels, guides, dreams, animal medicine, meditate, or use oracle cards, these are all wonderful. Not because the answers are outside you but because these are tools to help you connect to your inner guidance. You are your own guru. Use any tools and techniques that you like that help you, or use none. Everyone has intuition. 


Forget normal - "it's a setting on a dryer". Follow what feels natural, and question everything. Tune into what your body is telling you. Make your choices from a place of power, not fear. Create a New Natural, not a new normal.