Reflections on 2020 and Finishing the Year

Has December ever been so welcome? Whether we like winter or not I think we all agree we are looking forward to 2021.


Yet we would be remiss to wish the next few weeks away.


Remember the numerology and astrology predictions for 2020? January we were talking about clear vision, staying focused, releasing what no longer served us, and while it would not be easy, breakthrough was possible. Hindsight really is 2020! The opportunity this month is to do what is necessary to finish strong on our January intentions and create a canvas for 2021.


While the Winter Solstice is always energetically significant, this December 21st is said to be especially important. You may have already notice subtle shifts?





 Consider what happened in Denmark recently. Like most countries are experiencing, including Canada, their government was attempting to pass legislation that violated their rights and freedoms. The ‘Epidemic Law’ would have granted the Danish government the power to enact mandatory quarantine measures and forced vaccination.


The Danes took to the streets with pots and pans, and after 9 days of drumming on their cookware the government threw out the law! (I love this for so many reasons, and especially the power of sound frequencies and the use of ancient drumming to unify the group vibration, create a pattern interrupt, shift the energy, and create the blueprint for manifesting their collective goal. Isn’t that amazing? Hopeful? Inspiring? - But I digress!)


We are still in the storm, but more and more stories are emerging like this one, including everything that took place in Toronto and other parts of Canada in the last 2 weeks. The rise of Canadians did not start 2 weeks ago, although it may seem that way listening only to MSM, but it most definitely reached a turning point, and seems to align with the predicted energies for this month. We follow in groups but awaken one at a time.  This has begun and will increase after December 21st. (More on this in a moment.)


So many have commented how challenging it is to have those closest not seeing the truth of this year, choosing fear, giving their power away. You have often felt alone, frustrated, angry, or helpless.

Each person has their own journey and their own moment and pace to evolve their consciousness. If we focus on waking them up (which we cannot), we are now at that lower frequency.

Your job is simply you. Your purpose is to remember who you are.


As lightworkers, wayshowers, and starseeds, remember that the current chaos is reflecting the insanity that has always existed. (2020 - the year of clear vision.) Ironically, the oppression and tyranny has simply been masked. As we collectively are awakening, we are seeing it, and the purpose of the external theatre playing out is to help wake up others. If we are already aware, getting drawn into the chaos just increases its energy. What you focus on grows. Instead, see the events as messages that are not for us, and put your energy on you, your joy, and creating.


It is like when there is a movie playing while you are doing something else. You are not giving it your full attention, you have a look every now and then and get the essence of what is happening, but you are not fully invested in the program.


Awake is a tricky word these days and so to clarify I am not talking about the “woke” culture but rather our ascension process. Everyone is on a spiritual journey – even those who do not realize it. We continue to up – level, or have opportunities to, wherever we are on the the continuum. There is neither good nor bad, just degrees of consciousness.


When you focus on your own up-leveling, your high vibration radiates out and lifts the collective. This is the ask right now. “Focusing on me, affects the we.”


How much you want to be informed, share information, and take action, is your decision. Have an awareness of your personal threshold, the best times to engage, what your triggers are and doing your work to eliminate them. Participate in your way with your presence of higher frequency.


This December 21st the earth is shifting out from a shadow and will be bathed in intense photonic light and gamma rays. While there is no magic wand that is going to propel us out of the chaos of 2020, this solar event is a portal for individuals to awaken in great numbers, for us to up – level and to transition more into 5D consciousness.  This occurrence is projected to be the first of more “mini – events”, leading towards a larger shift, many think in 2025. The old job interview question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” comes to mind and takes on new meaning!  If this resonates with you, and if you are reading it that is a good signal it does on some level, then you are part of the first wave shifting into 5D.  Your purpose involves leading and supporting the second and subsequent waves. This begins by simply stepping fully into who you are.


This December:

Regularly ground into your root chakra, and into faith. This will help take the incoming energies, codes, and downloads from your higher chakras and anchor them into your energy system and body.

Connect with your higher self in meditation, and more and more as a normal minute to minute experience.  

Harmonize Your Negative Ego - Drop you limiting beliefs. Identify your shadows and your triggers. Every time you can do this you raise your vibration.


Return to the basics with a high vibrational diet, movement, and nature.

Become hyper aware – what does not serve you must go. Whether that is an addiction, story, belief, relationship or relationship dynamic, etcetera. This has been the theme all year and keep going! Do not carry anything into 2021 not in your greater good.


Complete any inner child work. We integrate all aspects of ourselves for 5D consciousness. If this is new to you, reach out and I am pleased to support this process.


Focus on creating something – anything big or small. Creating is love, joy, and expression. Creativity removes you from the chaos and anchors you in joy. In the 5D consciousness we return to our individual creative nature.


These practices will support you in up leveling your vibration and accessing your higher blueprint there for you.