2021 - Beginning the Aquarian Era

Today's solar eclipse is about overcoming old beliefs, programs, and ideology that have suppressed your personal power, and is part of the lead up to the December 21st energies I talked about last newsletter. While it's typical for me to talk about the solstices every year, this winter solstice seems especially important, and deserving of a "part 2" :)


We don't need to be experts in astrology and know the difference between a conjunction or a trine (unless we want to) to utilize its support. Some notice energy in a subtle way, and others more. Whatever your awareness, or interest, level you benefit by simply following your intuition and taking action through the seasons and cycles of life. 


 Here's a brief summary of why this December is so significant:


With the closest great conjunction of Saturn (Restriction, Limits, Boundaries) and Jupiter (Expansion, Gratitude, Hope, Faith, Abundance) in 397 years, on December 21, the two planets will almost touch in the sky. This conjunction happens every 20 years but this is the first time since 1802 that it's happening in the air sign Aquarius verses an earth sign.


2020 is at the end of a two-hundred-year era of Jupiter and Saturn uniting in earth signs. The earth element energies include material security and resistant to change, and the new era of air is expected to bring disruption to established orders and dramatic changes.  These 2 planets will also be forming a catalytic square aspect with Uranus in Taurus. Translation - energetically this supports the dissolving of old societal structures and letting go of our old personal thoughts, beliefs, and dramas we have been attached to. Making space in our lives now for the potential arising from this new era will make this transition and events less challenging. "What we resist, persists". 


This is the month, in the year of releasing (haven't you found yourself clutter clearing all year versus just the spring?), to leave behind all that isn't in your greater good, and also decide what you want to carry forward. Consider making some time to reflect on this over the next couple of weeks.


I have noticed (so far) 2 main energetic themes that have begun and will continue through 2021 (regardless of what is playing out in the world and how long it will take).


1. Create 

We've been letting go for a year, and "Nature Abhors a Vacuum". It's time to intentionally choose how to fill the space. Align your frequency to that which you want to create. Avoid it filling up by default, i.e.: more of the same of what you cleared. Up - level to draw in a higher experience.  In the 5D, we will return to being individual creators, contributing our gifts to the collective, so follow the joy if you are feeling inspired. Creating means a great deal of many things. There are no rules or limits. Exercise your creativity and build that muscle.


2. Presence

Living in the now. While not a new concept, you may find it more easy to do. A gratitude practice is an excellent tool to achieve this, as is simply coming to your breath frequently throughout the day. We know that anxiety and fear only exist in the past or the future, but we've been building our spiritual resilience this past year, and in doing so have grounded into our own energy field , and we FEEL more in our bodies, and more PRESENT.


In the past we often waited for outside circumstances to look a certain way before we took action. From minor things like started "diets" on Mondays, waiting till January 1st to set goals, to major like starting a business or ending a relationship. 


Those thought forms fall away in the new earth Aquarian paradigm, if you let them.  Your point of power is the present moment. Step fully into 2021. 


Have a wonderful, powerful, solar light filled week!