Aligning with the Energies of 2021

I always like to start the year assessing the expected energies. As everything is connected we can work with these energies for our optimal flow, alignment, and growth. There is so much energetic significance this year, but here are a few key aspects:




While each new year contains energy for rebirth, 2021 does even more so as it is not only the beginning of a new year, but also the beginning of the ERA of Aquarius. (Read more about our emergence from a 200-year cycle and its significance in my last email and post)


The December cosmic shift and influx of photonic energy has been likened to this analogy:

We had been experiencing the inhalation phase of a breath of the sun, and now begins a long exhale that will expand and bath more and more light onto Earth over the next few years.


Alas, January 2021 is not a magic wand that propels us out of the turbulence of 2020, but rather an initial transitional period with more movement this spring. Highly sensitives may feel the expansion of light and energy more than others in these early days. I will do a follow up on what you might be feeling that signals these new energies.




This galactic beginning of the Aquarian Era of Light will take decades to be fully present. While it is natural that we would want that to happen more quickly, think how powerful it is that you chose to be here at its start!  You are a bridge to the New Earth. And so, your energy now and in the months to come MATTERS. Your energy will co-create and direct the next few hundred years. You are a role model of a new generation, setting the tone and pace for those to come. Not to worry: Your soul chose this task :)


General Energies and Themes of 2021


In numerology, 2021 is a “5” year. It is an energy of expansion, swiftness, change, movement, adaptability, multi-tasking, and spiritual flow. Resonance with the 5D frequency is becoming more established on earth and will continue to root over the next 12 months. The 5D template that has been overlaying earth’s grid for some time now, is now dropping in, or anchoring.


In a nutshell: 2021 is a year of the amplification of your ascension (or rising)! 


You may experience this quickening of energy and expansion of light in various ways such as your intuition increasing, experiencing more synchronicities, interested in or exploring new things, desiring to cleanse and improving your health, and feeling more creative.


What you think about will be created more quickly than before and as such there is a responsibility to choose your thoughts more consciously. 


Therefore, 2021 is the year for spiritual discernment and knowing yourself better than ever before. There will be many voices to listen to, and many paths from which to choose. Spiritual Discernment gives you the ability to decide with what to align, what is true for you, and what is coming from love.  Take in information before accepting it as fact. Bring it in and ask questions such as “Does this feel good to me? Is this flow creating more love in my life?”  You are your inner compass.


To trust your intuition and choose wisely you must know who you are and what is right for you, and do this by going in. In the New Earth, we up-level from connecting to our higher selves only when we meditate, to it being a moment-to-moment experience.  The path to your higher self is not upward – it is inward. This connection makes you clear and capable to trust your guidance and know what you need in any moment. This inner knowingness makes you a lighthouse for others. You will be moving through life in the 3D world as a 5D spiritual ambassador. Raising your vibration benefits you and everyone else.


The chaos in the world and the dismantling of outdated systems will continue through 2021. Regardless of to what degree you feel drawn to participate, if/when you are feeling triggered or ungrounded, pause. January and February, we are still in transition and things might still feel stagnant or tumultuous. Take time to respond verses reacting. Remember how impactful your energy and intentions are in the world. 


The way we take care of ourselves has up-leveled, too. There is a more accurate and broader awareness of what Holistic Healing and Health means. We don't just speak it, we embody it.  Now that we are more fully in the energy age, care of our energy body is more essential than ever. Energy, intentions, and thoughts will take form more quickly.


Ground with live foods and nutrition – fruits, seeds, vegetables

Exercise, including stretching

Be Self Responsible and Self Disciplined

Be Present

Be Creative

Be Resilient – Physical and Energy Bodies


While 2020 was an energy to go inward, 2021 is an energy to support actions. Be the leader for which you've been waiting.