The Wolf Moon & Chariklo's Gift of Love

If you found last week (ending a couple of days ago) to be challenging, you were not alone. The message I received was to know things aren't always what they seem, and to trust that the Universe/Divine/God (whichever term works for you) is supporting you and orchestrating for your greater good, even though you might not see it.


Energetically, it was a gestation or incubation week. Fostering our intuition allows us to more easily recognize these periods and learn to flow and align, instead of resisting or judging these moments.


Not only is today the Wolf Moon, the dwarf planet Chariklo leaves Capricorn and joins Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

Chariklo was only discovered on February 15, 1997 by Astronomer Mike Brown. Her orbit is in-between that of Uranus (new, future) and Saturn (old, status quo). Chariklo is named for the wife of Chiron (the wounded healer) and auspiciously today's full moon at 9 degrees Leo is conjunct with her discovery at 6 degrees Leo, highlighting the role she will be playing. 


Chariklo's energy is ethereal, fine, and beautiful. She holds the still, silent, and sacred space and state for healing - the state of the expression "holding space". She is feminine, yin, receptive energy. She is the mid-wife of the soul and present at transitions of consciousness and evolution. She pulls in downloads of information, insights, and codes from the future (Uranus) to assist our evolution of consciousness. 


Circling back to today's full moon, Leo speaks to leadership, bravery and courage. This full moon, instead of the focus on releasing, re-frame as new beginnings. 


Leo rules the heart and heart energy. Full moon in Leo reminds us to anchor in our hearts amidst all of the new mental Aquarian energy.


Here is a beautiful and simple exercise taught by Pam Gregory. It can be used for times you are feeling scattered, ungrounded, or distracted, or any time at all:


Close your eyes, and bring your awareness to your heart. Breathe into and out of it like it is a third lung. This quickly slows and deepens your breathing and creates coherence in your heart, then your electric magnetic field, then every cell of your body.


Not only is this coherence healthy for you, it radiates out and infects other people. You are sending out loving heart coherence to everyone around you both in physical proximity and in the greater field.

This exercise brings us back to ourselves and our hearts at anytime, anywhere, and promotes unity consciousness.


Consider turning this exercise into a practice beginning with today's full moon until February's.

It can be as little as one minute a day, or however long you are guided to do it. Collectively, the positive impact on unity consciousness will be even more strong.


Chariklo's gift of love, Leo's gift of courage of the heart, in February; the month of Love -  It's an ideal month to commit to this, and an effective resource we can call on during another month with expected turbulence! Continue to observe rather than absorb the events and their energy, and continue to come back to the heart to help you do this.