Zero Point ~ Are You Ready?

Hi Everyone ~


”Living in a powder keg and giving off spark…”


There is so many energetic influences currently, including Eclipse Season and the 11/11 to 12/22 portal, and the Great Attractor, acting like a vacuum cleaner, cleansing and at the same time magnifying your intentions.


The remainder of 2021 is the end of a 9 year cycle that began in 2012, and a significant convergence called "Zero Point".


You may be feeling like "you're done", scattered, you need a time out, or noticing the increase in gossip and bickering amongst people "on the same side". It’s a sparky powder keg “out there” (hence the Bonnie Tyler track replaying in my ear).


Zero Point in its most simplest terms can be described as the up-leveling of our own frequency we’ve been discussing all year, meeting and merging with the new light and frequency of earth anchoring. It's absolute balance, and our return to the one soul. 



 It is a clean slate.


The next few weeks are the opportunity (of a lifetime) for those wanting and willing to change. Not from a belief there is something wrong with you, but a desire to be the highest version of yourself and to step into greater awareness. 


2022 is the third year of the trinity that began in 2020, described by some as a Grand Reckoning. When you look back in a few years on this historical period, will you be at peace with your choices and role you played?


Your frequency when you merge with the Zero Point will become your baseline in this next level of ascension. Humanity has never experienced this before, and many believe this will impact things like our longevity, telepathic abilities, rememberance of our akashic records, self healing, and much more. 


Make the connection now to the version of yourself you want to realize and use the opportunity of the next 4 weeks to clear, let go, and heal, to elevate your baseline:


Practice Mastery of Your Thoughts - fully present, fully conscious, control of your mind and to what you are giving meaning. 


Your Authenticity is Essential in the New Reality  


Reduce the Toxic Burden On Your Body - Eliminate chemicals around you such as in your food, self-care products, and water. If you do colonics, it's an excellent time for a series, as well as UNDA biotherapeutic Drainage Remedies, Gemmotherapies, and/or herbs.


Feel and Move Your Feelings - Illness or pain at their root is stuck or trapped energy. The new frequency of our cells cannot hold old trauma or emotions. What things still trigger you? These point you to the areas in need of healing. 


"I Do Not Consent" - Decree you are no longer willing to be a mirror for anyone. Not everyone will choose the ascension path and new reality. We honour each soul’s path, and releasing any tethers is for the greater good of all.


Balance and Harmonize your Energy Centres and Systems.  Remember, a balanced heart chakra is one of neutrality.


Lighten Up - Choose lighter and alive (fruit, vegetables) foods and even eat less. Exercise. The physical body must be at a vibration high enough to hold the new frequencies of your light body.


You are walking throught the consiousness grid and into the 5th dimension. be gentle and kind to yourself and those around you, regardless of our differences. 


"In the end, only kindness matters..."