Our Super Powers for 2022

As I have been communicating the past few weeks, we have just elevated to a higher frequency and it has not only created the opportunity for a clean slate, there is a whole new play book!

The December full moon in Gemini was all about change. Every human being is on the ascension path whether aware of it or not, however we each will determine our personal experience through our choices, and alignment with our true self.


For months and specifically December, we have been focused on releasing that which no longer was serving us. We also acquired or honed some skills over the past 2 years that we want to take with us:


"We can't change what we don't acknowledge"
In the past, many of us did not look at things that were uncomfortable or that felt out of our control, for fear we would attract more of it.  We now know it was not about not looking, but rather how to look. Observing rather than letting them go through us, and choosing to hold the vision of the highest outcome. It reminds me of the saying "Ignorance is bliss, until you wake up a slave".

Truths will be exposed in 2022 (The Grand Reckoning) and we must have the courage to see it. You may feel called to take right action, or feel and be fueled by healthy, righteous anger.

On an inner level, the ability to be aware when your frequency is dropping is important. It is not our responsibility to "wake" anyone up but rather our role is to hold the higher frequencies and allow downward causation to occur. 

When information rocks someone’s belief systems and social constructs, acknowledging it would result in self examination and how they’ve identified themselves. Many can’t do this, yet, which is a large part the of the cognitive dissonance we see. 

Gone are the days where we simply believe what we are told. Ask questions and do your own research. The release work in part was to create the clear connection to your inner guidance. The new frequency require you to feel into information and determining what is true for you. If we are still being triggered by old emotions or limiting beliefs, our feelings are not an accurate gauge. Inner guidance comes from a balanced heart chakra, which is neutrality. Take what resonates in someone’s message and leave the rest. 

The lesson of this Great Awakening is to reclaim sovereignty, self responsibility, and your personal power. Our outer world is a reflection of the collective vibration. We will see the true earth mirrored back to us when it rises. You have the greatest impact through radical self care and embodying those principles. Doing so is quantum and will radiate out. One candle lights up the room.

This doesn’t mean you have to take this journey on your own. Enlist support where and when needed and be as invested in the process as much, and more, than your practitioners. 

Many have felt a victim of circumstances. I know from speaking with many of you just how challenging it has been and I honour your courage. Choice doesn't mean you always like the consequences, but owning your decisions in integrity is foundational for being a sovereign being. Everything is a choice, including no action. Asking for permission is waiting to be denied. 

And so, as we inch further into the Age of Aquarius, take these three super-powers and flow with this cycle of change, no longer clinging to old and broken systems, but in full creator mode!


"They tried to bury us, not realizing we were seeds."