2022 - Self Mastery & Authenticity

Every year has a unique energetic fingerprint and while it may not seem so on the surface there is good ahead.


The new frequencies now anchored on the planet have set the stage for a Quantum Leap, for those who want it.


What do you want to create, and who do you want to be?  


Create consciously through awareness, discernment, and choice. Higher frequencies are fine and quick. Choose your dominant thoughts and words purposefully as manifestation into the physical is much quicker than even a few years ago.


Alignment with the highest, true version of yourself is the most effective way to affect change for yourself and the collective.


Many no longer make "New Year's Resolutions". We've realized most are doomed because they are rooted in the ego. I don't resonate with the "30 day challenge" language, either. It implies a short term event rather than an intention for lasting change. 


Yet we have an opportunity this year like no other for our health, healing, and growth.  Motivation stemming from wanting to step into a greater awareness of who you are instead of a perception of fixing something wrong is not a resolution, but an evolution. 

Not all of our goals focus on physical health, but as it is the time of year this comes up, let’s address weight and food.


While diets don’t work (otherwise there would not be a billion dollar diet industry) the pendulum seems to have swung to the extreme. The positive progress on body acceptance and love over the past 15 years unfortunately is often used as permission to not listen to what the body’s messages , or question the consequences of not doing so.


I worked at an eating disorder support and resource centre for six years and understand that our relationship with food and our bodies can be complicated.


All body shapes (Are you an asparagus, pear, or apple?) are to be accepted and celebrated, and we are not required to fit into a narrow definition of beauty or achieve a number on a scale. Our self esteem or worth should not be tied to the size and shape of our body.


That is different than the fact excess weight usually indicates deeper issues including toxicity, regularly consuming dead food, inflammation, chronically high insulin, endocrine imbalances, stress, and emotions. 


Decreases in health and vitality can come on gradually, and feeling 'bad' becomes our new baseline. We often don't know we could feel better until we do.


Your body houses your soul. How are you caring for your temple? Self honouring choices support your body, not burden it. If weight loss is beneficial it becomes a side effect of restoring physical balance and allowing your body to find its ideal weight.


For 2 years we’ve faced closures, isolation, and decisions such as canceling gym memberships. Be kind to yourself if the adjustment period to new health routines felt like your health took a step backwards. And now, is there an aspect asking to be up-leveled?


Calorie counting keeps you in sugar burning mode. APPs claiming to be “just for you”  use algorithms to place you in a category. For a true individualized program, get individual support.


If it resonates to work with me, please see my January packages.