Hello! Thank you for visiting my site and exploring if my approach to health can assist you with your own health goals.


My role and expertise is to provide information, guidance, support, and encouragement in a direct and truthful manner to empower you to be your own health advocate. My intent is to hold the highest vision of yourself, and hold the space for you to reach that. In the old paradigm we gave our power away to health professionals and waited to be told what was best for us. In the new paradigm we take personal responsibility for ourselves and learn to listen for what our bodies are asking. 


My approach to helping clients includes knowledge from my training, my personal journey to wellness, and my 6 years of working at an eating disorders support and resource centre. I understand on many levels how complicated our relationships with food and our bodies can be. I take an individual approach with each client to address unique needs and situations pertaining to all of the 4 pillars of health (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual),  in order for individuals to achieve lasting and optimal results.


I have been practicing colonics in London and now Dorchester, Ontario since February 2004, after attending the Canadian Institute of Natural Health and Healing and completing my Certificate in Colon Therapy.  Dorchester is a short drive just east of London, and many of my London clients feel the drive is more pleasant than crossing the city.


I am registered through the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC)  as a Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) and a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner (RNCP). These designations are often covered under benefits and I encourage you to check with your provider! I have completed numerous professional development programs to deepen my understanding of nutrition, the body, healing, and tools such as biotherapeutic drainage, tissue salts, gemmotherapies, phytotherapies, and gammadyns.


My Background


I grew up eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) long before the knowledge we have available now regarding food intolerances, toxins, and gut health was so widely available, or talked about. When I reflect back, I was certainly dealing will all of those issues from a very young age.


My interest in nutrition started at about 15, and has evolved immensely since. From thinking of food as a bank account of simply calories of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, to understanding the quality and energy of food, and the healing properties within. I obtained my Certificate in Holistic Nutrition in 2007, and my Diploma in Holistic Nutrition in the spring of 2011, through the Edison Institute of Nutrition.


I began having colonics as part of an alternative approach to chronic hives after not finding answers (or relief) through traditional alopathic methods. A very good friend told me about colonics and it resonated with me. After my first session, I immediately sensed my body responding and I knew this was much more than "plumbing" that was taking place.  I continue regular colonics as part of my healthcare regime, reaping the accumulative benefits.


I am passionate about fitness. Exercise to me is pure joy, not about burning calories. I share this love through my instructing of indoor cycling and TRX classes. I love (understatement) to play tennis, and my yoga practice is Yin in nature, which helps balance all of my yang activities!


My sole "associate" is my dog who you will meet at your appointment, and she loves to hold the space for you, too ~


If my approach resonates with you, I look forward to supporting you on your own personal health journey!




Wishing you pure, vibrant health; body, mind, and spirit~