Easy Peasey Ridiculously Decadent High Vibe Brownie Recipe

Did you know the amount of sugar the average North American eats has about doubled in the past 100 years? And in 1700 sugar consumption was about 2 kilograms per year versus 2009, when it was estimated at about 82 kilograms per year!

While it's ideal to limit the amount of sugar we eat, if we are going to indulge in moderation it's far better to make your own treats.

Store bought "treat" foods typically contain chemicals, poor quality oils, refined white sugar, or genetically modified beet sugar. The negative health impact of these inflammatory ingredients go far beyond simple calorie counting.

We are what we eat, and we take on the energetic vibration of what we eat. Try this brownie recipe below for a higher vibe treat option. Consistently crowding out the dead food with food that has nutrients your body needs becomes effortless (and far more satisfying) when you do so with decadent versions of your old favourites. Especially when you feel better as a result! 

It was a few years ago when someone passed along a paleo brownie recipe to me. It was and still is a great recipe, but there came a point when I wanted to cut back on the amount of eggs I was eating. The recipe adapted pretty well to simply omitting the eggs, but that left a recipe which was a lot of peanut butter per brownie. Nutritional needs can vary from day to day and season to season. I recently started to experiment with it, and I think I've found a good modification for when I am not wanting so many nuts (or eggs).

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Creating a Conscious Christmas; Peace with Food & Your Body during the Holidays


 While for many Christmas and this holiday season is their favourite time of year, for many others this time of overload of shopping, media messaging, busy schedules, crowds, and family, can contribute to heightened stress and anxiety. We can enter January not feeling that great physically, and often emotionally and mentally too.


“Our present day choices predict our future” Yet often we find ourselves making the same moment to moment choices during the holidays that we’ve made year after year, and then make the same complaints come January.


It’s an interesting time of year, isn’t it? As Mother Earth enters her slumber, and the light dims, we sacrifice sleep and rest for shopping and social functions, under artificial lighting.

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First Step to Breaking The Sugar Habit - For GOOD


Last week we began to look at insulin’s role in our bodies and our health, and how they are impacted by different foods.  If you missed it, you can read it here.


When we first star to look at how sugar is handled by our bodies, it can unfortunately lead to an overreaction that all carbohydrates are “bad”. Exchanging one diet for another isn’t the path leading to optimal health. 

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Why Calories Don't Really Matter


Many still believe that losing weight is simply about reducing calories eaten, and increasing calories used (exercise). In fact in Canada, restaurants are now required to list total calories of items on their menus. While many applaud this move, I worry it enforces the old belief that all calories are equal.


If our bodies are simply a math equation based on physics and thermodynamics, why does the weight and obesity crisis continue to get worse? It is estimated that 99% percent of the “Calories In vs Calories Out” model diets FAIL.


Do you know that there is no system or receptors in the body that can count or even recognize calories in food? That’s correct – our bodies are not measuring our calories. So why are we?

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Follow the Seasons: The Best Cleanse for Fall

Last Friday was the Autumnal Equinox, marking the 2nd moment in the year with equal amounts of day and night (actually, we got 9 minutes more daylight this year!),  and we are also entered the sign of Libra (the scales).  BALANCE is in the air. While it can be sad to say goodbye to summer,  we can tap into this new energy of the pendulum swinging back,and be inspired to reorganize, reset in one area or another, and even start something new.

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