I'm starting (this) over!


It's a different world, and a diferent me, from when I started posting here 10+ years ago. I've deleted that content and am starting fresh ~


True Boundaries

Frequency - The New Language


Even before the frequency upgrades to the planet and us began, language had limits. We sometimes settle for words close to that which we are attempting to describe for lack of an alternative. We each perceive through individualized filters, brought into focus through our experiences and stories. One word can have a different meaning to different people.


One thing that is the constant and not subject to individual interpretation is frequency.

Last week my newsletter spoke about spiritual resilience. In the past we may have called this "boundaries".

There is a shadow side to boundaries when the ego gets involved. - "If I put you down, I will be be superior."  -  "I can't believe they did that when I told them not to!". 


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Why You Want This Blood Test


Do you know your AIC?


The Hemoglobin AIC (hbA1c) blood test measures your average blood sugar over approximately the last 3 months. Testing blood glucose with a home meter is a useful tool but it often doesn't give the full picture. Insulin may be coping with chronically high blood glucose which would show readings in range during those snapshots of a moment in time, yet missing the progression to insulin resistance and the point insulin can no longer force excess glucose into the cells. 


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