The Wolf Moon & Chariklo's Gift of Love

If you found last week (ending a couple of days ago) to be challenging, you were not alone. The message I received was to know things aren't always what they seem, and to trust that the Universe/Divine/God (whichever term works for you) is supporting you and orchestrating for your greater good, even though you might not see it.


Energetically, it was a gestation or incubation week. Fostering our intuition allows us to more easily recognize these periods and learn to flow and align, instead of resisting or judging these moments.


Not only is today the Wolf Moon, the dwarf planet Chariklo leaves Capricorn and joins Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

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Aligning with the Energies of 2021

I always like to start the year assessing the expected energies. As everything is connected we can work with these energies for our optimal flow, alignment, and growth. There is so much energetic significance this year, but here are a few key aspects:




While each new year contains energy for rebirth, 2021 does even more so as it is not only the beginning of a new year, but also the beginning of the ERA of Aquarius. (Read more about our emergence from a 200-year cycle and its significance in my last email and post)


The December cosmic shift and influx of photonic energy has been likened to this analogy:

We had been experiencing the inhalation phase of a breath of the sun, and now begins a long exhale that will expand and bath more and more light onto Earth over the next few years.


Alas, January 2021 is not a magic wand that propels us out of the turbulence of 2020, but rather an initial transitional period with more movement this spring. Highly sensitives may feel the expansion of light and energy more than others in these early days. I will do a follow up on what you might be feeling that signals these new energies.



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2021 - Beginning the Aquarian Era

Today's solar eclipse is about overcoming old beliefs, programs, and ideology that have suppressed your personal power, and is part of the lead up to the December 21st energies I talked about last newsletter. While it's typical for me to talk about the solstices every year, this winter solstice seems especially important, and deserving of a "part 2" :)


We don't need to be experts in astrology and know the difference between a conjunction or a trine (unless we want to) to utilize its support. Some notice energy in a subtle way, and others more. Whatever your awareness, or interest, level you benefit by simply following your intuition and taking action through the seasons and cycles of life. 

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Reflections on 2020 and Finishing the Year

Has December ever been so welcome? Whether we like winter or not I think we all agree we are looking forward to 2021.


Yet we would be remiss to wish the next few weeks away.


Remember the numerology and astrology predictions for 2020? January we were talking about clear vision, staying focused, releasing what no longer served us, and while it would not be easy, breakthrough was possible. Hindsight really is 2020! The opportunity this month is to do what is necessary to finish strong on our January intentions and create a canvas for 2021.


While the Winter Solstice is always energetically significant, this December 21st is said to be especially important. You may have already notice subtle shifts?




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Create a New Natural Instead of Settling for a New Normal

The narrative to accept a "new normal" is prevalent, but it has a greater context than the feel good/"let's bond through our root chakras" advertisements.


The current global crisis represents an opportunity to change who we are and how we act on and for our planet. At the same time we can think critically about the data, and what feelings are behind our choices.


To help this process ask yourself:


What are you willing to let go of?

What are you wanting to let go of?

What are you willing to give up and why? 


If we do not pay attention now an opportunity will be lost, and the next call for growth will be more severe and more uncomfortable. (Not because we'll be punished, or are victims, but simply because a message gets louder when we don't hear and respond to it. We get a whisper, then a knock, then the door knocked down, so to speak.) 

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