Exploring the Energetic and Spiritual Aspects of COVID-19

For those interested in or looking for the deeper significance of the unified global crisis, you may have heard it referred to as signifying the Grand Age of Ascension.


The radical changes we are experiencing as a result of COVID-19 are part of the creation of the new energetic blueprint that began a few years ago. We are taking a giant step forward for a lasting, and much needed shift on our planet and humanity and towards 5D consciousness.


We are stepping more fully into the Age of Aquarius and subsequently the Piscean energies are fading. These 2 energies overlap for a time during the transition. Thus, when we emerge from this acute phase of crisis, some resulting changes will be obvious, some will be more subtle, and some will continue evolving over the next few years. Whatever your beliefs, one thing is sure, we have unpredictable days ahead.

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Answering the Call to Go Inward

How are you?


Does it feel like the pause button has been pressed, on well; your life?


There we were, moments away from Spring and the anticipation and expectation of new starts, growth, and expansion in both personal and professional areas of our lives, and then - pause.


Instead, we are being called to go inward. Not just as individuals but the global collective. Beyond this physical virus, there is a deeper rumble of much needed change.

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Your Best Immunity for All Viruses

The attention and fear surrounding the Coronavirus is increasing daily in the media. Throughout time our ancestors experienced fear of plagues and disease and we can carry this fear in our cellular memory. This fear can be triggered when we hear and read about this current virus. The opportunity we now have is to not let this fear become our dominant vibration.

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Do You Need Zinc, and if so; Why?

 Did you know the mineral Zinc is a cofactor for more than 300 enzymatic reactions? This means we have enzymes that are dependent on zinc in order to perform hundreds of activities throughout our bodies. While high zinc deficiency is rare, it is estimated 2 billion people suffer from marginal zinc deficiency that results in serious health effects for our hormones, skin, vision, and immunity.

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GUT - BRAIN Detox Plan


Last post I mentioned I would be offering some true detoxification protocol options.  Detoxification is the foundation for health and is more crucial than ever before, yet there is a lot of ineffective information circulating - especially at this time of year.

One of the main reasons most cleanses at best are a waste of time and money and at worse can create a healing crisis is because the toxins stirred up can't get out of the body.


This is why the first part of my protocol focuses on "opening your emunctories". Emunctories are the elimination pathways in your body. You have 4 main: Kidneys, Liver, Colon, and Lungs, with the skin and mucous membranes being secondary routes.

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