2022 - Self Mastery & Authenticity

Every year has a unique energetic fingerprint and while it may not seem so on the surface there is good ahead.


The new frequencies now anchored on the planet have set the stage for a Quantum Leap, for those who want it.


What do you want to create, and who do you want to be?  


Create consciously through awareness, discernment, and choice. Higher frequencies are fine and quick. Choose your dominant thoughts and words purposefully as manifestation into the physical is much quicker than even a few years ago.


Alignment with the highest, true version of yourself is the most effective way to affect change for yourself and the collective.


Many no longer make "New Year's Resolutions". We've realized most are doomed because they are rooted in the ego. I don't resonate with the "30 day challenge" language, either. It implies a short term event rather than an intention for lasting change. 


Yet we have an opportunity this year like no other for our health, healing, and growth.  Motivation stemming from wanting to step into a greater awareness of who you are instead of a perception of fixing something wrong is not a resolution, but an evolution. 

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Our Super Powers for 2022

As I have been communicating the past few weeks, we have just elevated to a higher frequency and it has not only created the opportunity for a clean slate, there is a whole new play book!

The December full moon in Gemini was all about change. Every human being is on the ascension path whether aware of it or not, however we each will determine our personal experience through our choices, and alignment with our true self.


For months and specifically December, we have been focused on releasing that which no longer was serving us. We also acquired or honed some skills over the past 2 years that we want to take with us:


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Zero Point ~ Are You Ready?

Hi Everyone ~


”Living in a powder keg and giving off spark…”


There is so many energetic influences currently, including Eclipse Season and the 11/11 to 12/22 portal, and the Great Attractor, acting like a vacuum cleaner, cleansing and at the same time magnifying your intentions.


The remainder of 2021 is the end of a 9 year cycle that began in 2012, and a significant convergence called "Zero Point".


You may be feeling like "you're done", scattered, you need a time out, or noticing the increase in gossip and bickering amongst people "on the same side". It’s a sparky powder keg “out there” (hence the Bonnie Tyler track replaying in my ear).


Zero Point in its most simplest terms can be described as the up-leveling of our own frequency we’ve been discussing all year, meeting and merging with the new light and frequency of earth anchoring. It's absolute balance, and our return to the one soul. 



 It is a clean slate.

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Zinc 101

Over the past 21 months, many began taking Zinc specifically because of SARS-CoV-2. It is fantastic to see the increased awareness of vitamins and minerals for their medicinal use. However, we want to up-level the old way of looking at health and not replace a "pill for every ill" with just another kind of pill and once again placing our power outside of ourselves. Yes, having our natural medicine cabinet or apothecary stocked is something I do myself, and encourage others to do. Yet, ultimately we optimize nutrition through food and supplements to promote health, rather than to prevent or fight dis - ease. 


Zinc is an essential (the body doesn't make it) mineral that is a cofactor for more than 300 enzymatic reactions, meaning we have enzymes that are dependent on zinc in order to perform hundreds of activities throughout our bodies. 


It is estimated 2 billion people suffer have at least marginal zinc deficiency that results in serious health effects for our hormones, skin, vision, and immunity.


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The Wolf Moon & Chariklo's Gift of Love

If you found last week (ending a couple of days ago) to be challenging, you were not alone. The message I received was to know things aren't always what they seem, and to trust that the Universe/Divine/God (whichever term works for you) is supporting you and orchestrating for your greater good, even though you might not see it.


Energetically, it was a gestation or incubation week. Fostering our intuition allows us to more easily recognize these periods and learn to flow and align, instead of resisting or judging these moments.


Not only is today the Wolf Moon, the dwarf planet Chariklo leaves Capricorn and joins Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

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