Valentine's Day Remote Biofeedback Special Program

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I will contact you to arrange for your selfie and voice recording ~ 

Thank you! I will email you to arrange for your selfie and voice memo.


  • Available

GUT - BRAIN Detox Program




  • List of Best Foods and Foods to Avoid for Optimal Results
  • List of Simple Ways To Reduce the Toxins You are Bringing Into Your Body
  • Lifestyle Strategies to Enhance The Detoxification Process
  • Detailed Instructions for The Biotherapeutic Drainage Remedies
  • 2 - 30 Minute Assessments with Quantum Resonance Biofeedback (Remote or Phone) ($50 each = $100)
  • Weekly (8) Quantum Resonance Biofeedback Remote Sessions of the Detoxification Program (8 x $59 = $472)
  • UNDA Biotherapeutic Drainage Remedies (8 @ $20.81 each = $166.48)
  • Digestive Enzymes (2 Bottles of 90 tablets each) ($32.58 each = $65.16)
  • HMF Intensive (2 Packs of 30 capsules each) ($57.66 each = $115.32)
  • 10 % off Any Additional Support Products Purchased After Each Assessment
  • Free shipping in Canada (1 shipment each month with your products if applicable)


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

If you are a current colonic client, please see the packages listed on the colonic page, or email me to book - thank you!

Please plan on 75 minutes for a first colonic session. (Subsequent appointments are 50-60 minutes.) This give us additional time to discuss your initial assessment form, your health goals or challenges, explain the procedure, and any feedback that arises from your session. While there is benefit to having one session, a general initial recommendation is a series of 3 spaced approximately one week apart for a more optimal Large Intestine cleanse. For this reason, a package of 3 is offered at a reduced rate. More information can be found on the colonics page.


Once we have received your purchase, you will be contacted to set up your first appointment. Please provide any availability information in the notes section in the next step.



  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days