Fall Parasite Cleanse

Our ancestors intuitively incorporated detoxification support all year long with tools such as dandelions and nettles. In our world today, detoxification is seen by many as more important than nutrition.


The change of seasons is an ideal time to take your detoxification more deeply with more intention for supporting your body during these times of transition. Fall specifically is the ideal time for a parasite cleanse. 


We coexist with trillions of pathogens. By fostering a healthy terrain we can ensure a healthly response and balance to any "friends" we may encounter. 


Signs our bodies would like some support in doing so include:

Detoxing should not be punitive or stressful on your body. Herbal kits marketed to detox are quite often glorified laxative products. That is not true detoxification. 


Herbal supplements can stir up toxins that cannot effectively leave the body, resulting in what's referred to as a healing crisis.


This is one of the reasons why I prefer incorporating the gentle and effective UNDA Biotherapeutic Drainage Remedies 


The parasite UNDA protocol I recommend includes primary action of draining the mucosal lining of the digestive tract and removing parasites and other pathogens, with additional support and drainage for the liver and lymph.  It is also indicated for leaky gut and related conditions, pancreatic disorders, psoriasis, exzema, constipation, diarrhea, dysbiosis, and colitis.


Fall Parasite Cleanse - 20% Off

Includes 4 UNDA Numbers ($97)

Genestra Black Walnut Combination (180 capsules)  ($65.75)

Flat Rate Shipping ($15)

4 weekly biofeedback playist links of parasite rife detoxification frequencies for those with a Quanta Capsule ($48 x4 =$192)


If you do not have a Quanta Capsule, there is an option for 4 Weeks of Remote Biofeedback Detox Program Sessions ($312) - See drop down menu. Or consider a monthly subscription with a Quanta Capsule APP.





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If you require more individualized support and recommendations, a wellness consult is recommended. 




The above information is not medical advice or diagnostic.  Listen to your body. Seek support and assistance that resonats with you.