Quantum Biofeedback

Assess | Harmonize | Entrain

Everything exists in energetic potential.

Before anything manifests in the physical, it originates in energy. Lasting change is possible when we include working with our energy, not just the physical.

Spiritual Resilience Sessions

The Genius Insight Biofeedback is an empowering tool because regardless of what is happening, there is always something you can do. Different types of appointments are available so that everyone can use these simple yet effective solutions for their well-being.


Similar to Distance Energy Transmissions in Reiki and Healing Touch, the Genius Insight technology accesses your unique vibration (your energetic fingerprint) in the quantum field, and encorporates the Schumann Resonances to harmonize and transmit your program to you wherever you are.  No booking or traveling to appointments! 



Energy therapies work in the quantum field and just like other energy modalities such as Reiki in which the practitioner can send a healing to anyone in the world, sound frequencies can be transmitted to your energy field in the same way. 

Remote Sessions utilize a program panel (of your choosing) containing specific frequencies to focus on a targeted area.

  • Choose Your Program
  • Send a Selfie and a 15 second Voice Memo or Voicemail Message before your appointment
  • After your session I send you via email a picture of your starting Aura, the pictures of the assessed program showing the frequencies transmitted, and an after picture of your aura.


Your program itself will be transmitted for a minimum of 30 minutes.  I then typically include additional harmonizing of some of the main panels that would help the entraining of your program frequencies such as the chakra panel, solfeggio tones, emotions, bach flowers, etc. This differs from session to session.


Included: PDF guides for interpreting your aura pictures and panels. 


Focused and Complex Sessions

Package and Cancellation Policies Apply. Please scroll towards bottom of this page for full details.


Genius Insight Quantum Biofeedback and Sessions are not a medical diagnostic tool. We are always working in the quantum energy field, and are always referring to your energy fields during all sessions and discussions.