Quantum Biofeedback Sessions

Program Sessions



Energy therapies work in the quantum field and just like other energy modalities such as Reiki in which the practitioner can send a healing to anyone in the world, sound frequencies can be transmitted to your energy field in the same way. 

Remote Sessions utilize a program panel (of your choosing) containing specific frequencies to focus on a targeted area.

  • Choose Your Program from the List
  • Send a Selfie and a 15 second Voice Memo or Voicemail Message before your appointment
  • After your session I send you via email a picture of your starting Aura, the pictures of the assessed program showing the frequencies transmitted, and an after picture of your aura.


Your program itself will be transmitted for a minimum of 30 minutes.  I then typically include additional harmonizing of some of the main panels that would help the entraining of your program frequencies such as the chakra panel, solfeggio tones, emotions, bach flowers, etc. This differs from session to session.


Included: PDF guides for interpreting your aura pictures and panels. 


 You can select the same program from session to session or choose another at any time.

  • Money Magnetizing
  • Peaceful Sleep Promotion
  • Inflammation Disturbance Reduction
  • Pain Disturbance Harmonization
  • Anti-aging and Rejuvenation
  • Stress Release and Deep Relaxation
  • Brain Optimized and Cognitive Enhancement 
  • Weight Loss and Supercharged Metabolism
  • Experience Joyful Feelings and Mood Elevation
  • Immune System Tonic and Optimization and Infection Clear
  • Emotional Cleanse and Release
  • Home Upgrade, Clear to Create Prosperity and Pleasure
  • Heal a Broken Heart 
  • Skin Regeneration for Anti-Aging, Healing and Beauty
  • Manifestational Magic Manifesting at Will with Ease
  • Digestive Calming and Maximizing Nutrition

Detailed Program Descriptions 


One Hour Focused and 2 Hour Complex Sessions

The Genius Insight is a discovery process to reveal possible root causes of many different issues and help determine possible best solutions.


Instead of guessing about things like supplements, health modalities, or diet strategies, make decisions based on which are in most resonance with your energy field. 


During these sessions I make the connections and piece together the information provided by the assessment portion of the Genius Insight Technology.


Then, I direct specific energies into your energy field to harmonize, and/or entrain and imprint desirable frequencies.


We clear the blueprint, or set the stage, for what you want to create. 




Your appointment will include exploring a selection from the 28 main panels or libraries in 3 categories - Body, Mind, and Biofield. The libraries we will explore is determined by the initial scan of your field, and your specific concerns. 



In addition to these main panels, there are over 200 libraries for further assessment and exploration. These help dig deeper into the root of imbalances shown in the 28 panels, directly target a specific issue that is a concern to you, assess the most energetically compatible supplements, remedies, and even lifestyle strategies. The possibilities are endless! 


Frequent and consistent entraining of new frequencies will yield the best results. You will also gain insights on what you can do between appointments to support the holding of the new energies. 


Package and Cancellation Policies Apply. Please scroll towards bottom of this page for full details.


Genius Insight Quantum Biofeedback and Sessions are not a medical diagnostic tool. We are always working in the quantum energy field, and are always referring to your energy fields during all sessions and discussions.