Nutrition & Wellness Investment Options

Pay As You Go

  • Initial Session Level 1:  $100 (approximately one hour)
  • Initial Session Level 2: $175 (approximately 90 minutes, plus follow up notes) (Add Biofeedback Assessment* $50)
  • Subsequent Sessions $65 (Approx. 60 minutes) (Add Biofeedback Assessment* $30)
  • 1/2 Sessions: $40 (Approx. 30 minutes)

*Please note this is not a full Assessment and Balance but rather including the Genius Insight during your Nutrition & Wellness Session to help gain information on such things as sensitivities, best foods, best diet plan, root issue, and/or lifestyle support. For information on a full Biofeedback Session please visit here.


  12 Week Program/Level 3:  $370

  • Initial Session Level 3
  • 3 - 1 hour Follow Up Sessions
  • Weekly email or phone check ins / accountability coaching

Monthly payment plan available for 12 week Program. Please ask for details.


Follow up Sessions can be conducted in person or by Skype.

Nutritional Supplements and Natural Health Products


In most cases, your session will include some sort of supplement recommendation. Especially in chronic health issues, some intervention is needed beyond what we can obtain from our daily food intake. Also consider that the nutrient content in our food is less than in the past due to less nutrients in our soil. Additionally, we have access to the healing properties in phytotherapies, herbs, and much more that we want to take advantage of.  Remember; are goal is to thrive, not just survive!


The cost of any products are in addition to the above fees. While you are never under any obligation to purchase supplements during/after your visit, please be aware that all brands and products are not created equal and will affect your results.


Many of us spend copious dollars and time on trial and error buying of supplements in retail outlets. My recommendations will be quality products chosen for you and is a far more effective approach.


I carry the Seroyal Brand of products which include the Genestra, Unda, and Pharmax lines.  I have confidence in these products and carry them for your convenience, and, more importantly, to help you optimize your results, and achieve compliance with your recommendations.

Seroyal is a natural pharmaceutical company assisting healthcare practitioners restore, rebuild and maintain client's health for over 27 years. Seroyal has set the industry standard for the highest quality ingredients in nutritional, homeopathic, and botanical products confirmed by thorough independent laboratory testing.


Additional Nutrition Supports


Grocery Store Tour  $95 (approximately 60-75 minutes)

groups of 3-4 people $75 each person

I'll meet you at the grocery store and coach you on choosing healthy foods, teach you how to avoid the marketing traps and nutrition myths, to decipher and read labels, and to find those Super Foods with which you may not be familiar.

Kitchen Cupboard Raid $135 (approximately 75 minutes)

Are there items in your cupboards that are holding you back from your goals? Together we can tackle your cupboards and clear away what isn't supporting you, and plan a shopping list to stock them appropriately.