Lipo Laser Body Contouring

Lipo Laser offers you a way to lose fat and inches, without the risk or expense of liposuction. Lipo Laser is:
  • Non-Surgical
  • Non-Invasive 
  • No Down Time


One of the biggest issues my clients come to me with is that no matter what they do, they can’t seem to lose weight. Lipo Laser (also know as lipolysis) does not replace eating a diet that supports you, not exercising, nor addressing other health issues or lifestyle factors that may be contributing to excess weight. Rather it supports and enhances the results of those efforts and changes, helping you reach your goals more quickly and motivating you on your health journey.

How it Works

Low level light lasers are placed against the skin which emit a combination of 4 different wavelengths. These wavelengths penetrate below the skin and through the membranes of fat cells where they melt the contents of the fat cells; including glycerin and fatty acids.


This process shrinks these fat cells, and their contents are carried away via your own body processes: metabolic pathways (used for energy) and the lymphatic system. This begins immediately and continues over the course of the next 3-4 days. 


The lasers are contained within paddles, and these paddles are strategically placed on your body. This allows you to directly target those areas you wish to address. The paddles can be placed almost anywhere!


Other Benefits

In addition to inches and fat Loss, benefits may include:

  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Increased Collagen Production
  • Tightening of Skin
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increased Circulation
  • Sense of Well- Being

Investment / Fees

sessions are 30 minutes each 
Individual Session: $75

Package Specials

Once your order is received, you will be contacted via email to set up your first appointment :)





  • Available

What to Expect During a Session

Each session is 30 minutes of laser application. You will experience a sense of warmth or heat, which most find soothing and relaxing. You will be lying down, with soft music playing. 


Immediately after the session, there is some temporary redness on the skin where the paddles were placed.


Because the fat cells shrink immediately, a loss of inches or a sense of tightening is typically noticeable right away. The contents of the fat cells are carried away through your metabolism and lymphatic drainage over the next few days. Because of this, it is recommended you perform cardiovascular exercise soon after your session to enhance these processes.

A 10 minute sesssion on a Whole Body Vibration Plate can be added after any LASER appointment. 10 minutes for $10, or a package of 5 sessions for $40. A quick and efficient way to achieve the recommended exercise, maximizing your fat loss results from the LASER Sessions.


Quantum Biofeedback and/or Nutritional Consulting can be encorporated with LASER sessions if you would like additional support with weight loss. Please ask for details.

How Many Sessions?

The number of sessions depends on the amount of change you desire, and the starting condition of the area you wish to contour.


Because the fat cells shrink immediately, a loss of inches is usually noticed at each session. 

On average, a series of 8 -12 sessions to reach your desired result, with some needing more, and some less


Sessions spaced approximately 3 to 7 days apart are ideal. Spacing them further apart does not negate the benefits, but closer together will allow you to see results more quickly.


Results from your sessions are optimized by a supportive diet, cardiovascular exercise, drinking adequate water after your sessions. This will be reviewed at your first appointment.


LLLT lasers are very safe, and are not classified as medical devices. 


You will complete an intake from prior to your first session that will include a list of health conditions that would make Lipo Laser unsuitable, including:

  • Pregnant or Breast Feeding
  • Hypertension
  • Epilepsy 
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Severe varicose veins
  • Infectious and acute disease
  • Fever
  • Skin inflammation/trauma/rashes
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Photo-sensitivity
  • Recent surgery
  • Under 18 years old
  • Metal Implants or Mesh in Body


Who Can Benefit?

Lipo Laser is ideal for those close to their ideal weight (up to 25-30 pounds) yet can't seem to lose stubborn fat in specific areas regardless of their healthy diet and exercise.


It is also ideal for those who have embarked on a healthy lifestyle more recently, and would like to reach their goals more quickly.


If you are struggling with finding a way of eating that supports you, nutrition and wellness coaching can be combined with your laser sessions appointments. 


As toxins are stored in fat tissue, it is also ideal for those on cleansing and detoxifying programs.


Healthy bodies come in all shapes.


Conforming to a societal narrow definition of beauty is not the objective of Lipo laser at Indigo Wellness.


Excess fat is linked to a number of health conditions and diseases.  Our bodies speak to us through symptoms, this includes fat storage.


We can love and accept our unique bodies, and take our health to the next level by reducing fat, too. We can also enjoy how it feels physically and emotionally to lose the fat. 


Lipo laser is now available for you to support you to be the healthiest version of yourself, to feel amazing inside and out, to take loving self care of the temple which houses your soul, and to love your body into health instead of hating it into health :)


Are you ready to get started?!