Quantum Resonance Biofeedback Remote Programs

Program Sessions utilize a program panel (of your choosing) specifically created to use on their own, with specific frequencies to focus on a targeted area.  If you would like to include more panels/libraries assessed and a more customized harmonization, consider a One Hour Session, or the Program Plus Subscription.


Select from the following programs ( For subsriptions you can choose the same or a new one each week):

Inflammation Disturbance Reduction Program


Do you find that you have frequent aches and pains? Do you have bloating after a meal? What about muscle or joint pain, like knee pain? Do you find that your recovery time has greatly increased after a workout? The Inflammation Disturbance Reduction Program contains frequencies to harmonize the causative factors that create inflammation and key herbs known to be anti-inflammatory.


Pain Disturbance Harmonization Program


If you are having acute pain or chronic pain, choose this program. This program uses specific Rife frequencies to reduce pain in the body. These include "Accelerate Healing 7.83 Hz" and "Analgesic Pain Relief 10Hz".  It also includes the frequencies of herbs known to reduce pain in the body, like CBD Oil, arnica, wintergreen, eucalyptus, magnesium chloride and more.


Immune System Tonic and Optimization and Infection Clear Program


Use this program whether you are dealing with an acute infection such as a cold, or a chronic infection such as EBV or dysbiosis in the gut, OR if you like to be proactive and support your immune system. This program includes frequencies for vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic remedies, foods, and much more, including Rife frequencies for viruses, and frequencies for healthy human cells. When our cells vibrate above 68 Hz we are simply not in alignment of the vibration of infections.


Money Magnetizing Program


Are you experiencing a lack or money, motivation, clarity, or flow in abundance? Are you interested in aligning yourself with frequencies that can draw money to you? Often we have subconscious blocks to attracting wealth and abundance. Use this program and begin to attract money making opportunities and mental and emotional ease around money issues. This program includes potent frequencies that align you with the prosperity frequency!


Peaceful Sleep Promotion Program


Do you have trouble falling asleep? Or sleeping deeply at night? These frequencies harmonize the effects of blue light, of emotional stress, of adrenal issues and more. Also included are the frequencies of relaxing herbs including chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower. Lack of quality sleep negatively affects us in many ways including weight gain, poor mood, and hormonal imbalances. Benefit from more restful sleep and its positive benefits.


Stress Release and Deep Relaxation Program


Would you like to receive supportive frequencies to help you combat your stress?  Frequencies in this program include those for the limbic system, nervous system repair and strengthening, relaxing herbs, brain balancing, and more, to help you face your many demands and challenges with greater ease and resilience


Longevity and Rejuvenation Program


This series of frequencies works on the effects of aging such as oxidative stress, the shortening of telomeres (longevity), cellular and DNA degeneration and includes key herbs and Rife frequencies. This program supports you in feeling and looking your best, living agelessly!


Skin Regeneration, Healing, and Beauty Program


Give your skin a boost with this program containing frequencies to harmonize the various skin cells and work on areas and various layers of the epidermis with specific supportive skin frequencies. Frequencies include those for alkalizing the body for proper skin cell production and expression, antioxidants, nourishing, anti-inflammatory nutrients along with amino acids,


Brain Optimized and Cognitive Enhancement Program 


Do you find that it is hard to keep your attention on one thing? Do you enter a room forgetting why you came in there in the first place? Do you want to keep your brain in tip top shape for life? Would you like to have maximum brain performance? Includes frequencies for brain anatomy and function, neurotransmitters, stress resilience, and more. Experience increased focus and efficiency with these specific frequencies for cognitive wellness!


 Weight Loss and Supercharged Metabolism Program


Do you find maintaining or reaching your ideal weight where you can be comfortable in your body challenging? Do you find that no matter how little you eat; you still gain weight? This could be a metabolic issue. Do you constantly battle with cravings? This could also be associated with some brain chemistry. Experience frequencies that are focused on reducing cravings and harmonizing the metabolic system.


Digestive Calming and Maximize Energy from Nutrition Program


Choose this program to harmonize the digestive organs and maximize the ability of the body to digest and assimilate nutrition from food. Once nutrition is maximized, energy can soar! Frequencies include enzymes, brush border regeneration, clearing autointoxication, clearing cravings for unhealthy foods, promotion of bile flow, regularity, reducing gut inflammation and much more. “Health begins in the gut!”


Detoxification Frequency Program


Our detoxification systems and organs are more taxed than ever before.  Utilize this program at any time, or in conjunction with a detoxification program. Clearing the organs like the kidney, liver, digestive system, colon and more may help to slow the aging process, promote more healthful living, improve digestion, and increase longevity. This program contains frequencies for all the detoxification organs, cellular detoxification, autointoxication, lymphatics, vaccine toxins, detoxification nutrients such as glutathione and more. When we remove the toxic burden, bioavailable energy increases throughout the body.


(Consider the 9 Week Detoxification Program that encorporates this library of frequencies, plus others, if you are embarking on a cleanse.)


Broken Heart Healing Program


Grieve and allow yourself to feel your feelings more easily as these frequencies are played for you. Know that once emotions are experienced, they can be released. Sometimes a broken heart is carried for many years; it is still possible to release the pain. Releasing the pain and healing the heart can allow you to move forward in life with a renewed feeling of freedom, joy and pleasure! Frequencies include those to improve relationships, acceptance, allowing of grieving, energy blocks, easing the loss, emotional balance, embrace life, renewed hope, forgiveness, and more. 


The following 5 programs are used within the Emotional Reset 9 Week Program, and available individually here:


Emotional Cleanse and Release Program


This is powerful program when you feel stuck, when you want to lose weight, when you want to heal on a deep level or when you just want to move on to the next level in a big way! There is an emotional component to every physical issue. This program will target both feelings we are aware of and those we may not be, those that are recent and those present for some time. Release emotions such as anger, fear, resentment, anxiety, and more.  Feel lighter and brighter after a session!


Mood Elevation Program


Would you like to feel more joyful and uplifted? Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or frequently feed sad or depressed regardless of what’s going on? This program includes Rife frequencies for aspects of brain health related to mood, for relaxation and emotional balance, and frequencies to help release and move through emotions and emotional patterns.


Emotional Reset 1 - Anxiety Relief/Calm and Comforted


Frequencies for nervous system balance, left and rigt brain integration, brain circulation, communication, emotional trauma birth - 3 years of age clear, homeopathic remedies, herbs, limbic system reset.


Emotional Reset 2 - Depression Lift/Embrace Joy


Frequencies for alignment with parasympathetic nervous system and nervous system harmonize, magnesium, neurotransmitters, grief release, lung meridan balance, pitutitary cells, homeopathics, herbs and more.


Emotional Reset 3 - Trauma Clear/Ground in Present Time


Frequencies for orchid and flower essences, amino acids, neurotransmitters, brain waves, adrenal hormones, grounding, pain and abuse release, grounding, brain anatomy, herbs, homeopathics, and more.


Manifestational Magic Manifesting at Will with Ease


These frequencies are meant to increase the ability to easily manifest one's desires and dreams. This program removes obstacles and subconscious blocks to creating the live you want. Frequencies include Solfeggio Tone 528 for Creativity and Miracles, gamma waves, golden ratio, new beginnings, aligning with joy, self forgiveness, clarity of purpose, focused intentions, and more.


Break a Habit - Create a Reset, Restart, Refresh Energy in Your Life


Do you find it hard to break a certain habit? Do you feel stuck in a pattern that keeps repeating itself? Break from the pattern, the addiction, or the habit with these special frequencies such as the Solfeggio’s for new beginnings and creating change, Ganesh removal of obstacles, miracles and transformation, positive action and movement, Honeysuckle Bach Flower Essence, and more. Change is possible!


5D Consciousness Ascension - 12 Strand DNA Activation 


As earth is flooded with more photonic light,and her frequency rises, our bodies are becoming more crystaline and holding more light. Use this program to support this process and reduce ascension symptoms. Frequencies include activation of the MerKaBa Antenna, harmonization of cells to our light body, balanve between physical and energy bodies, activation of DNA (there is no junk DNA!) and each stands corresponding relationship to our organs and glands, and manifestations, and more. 


Harmonization of Vector and mRNA Interventions and Shedding

Frequencies include human cells 80hz, Suramin (active ingredient in pine needles), harmonization of specific brands, ADE, spike proteins, energy upgrades, DNA repair, ant-inflammatory, and more. Consider a one hour session if you would like to explore panels most commonly associated with symptoms related to this issue. Once again, we are never diagnosing and will be looking at what is happening energetically. Seek medical attention if you are experiencing symptoms, and ask your physician to report any injuries.


Fasting Results Optimization and Harmonization


Support your Intermittent and longer fasts with this set of frequencies that include autophapy, mTor, liver detoxification, dopamine receptor restoration, mitochondria, large intestine stem cells, ketone production, insulin regulation, and more.

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