Nutrition, Health & Wellness Consulting


Nutrition and Wellness Sessions are an individualized and holistic approach to assisting you in achieving your health goals.


While many are looking for solutions surrounding weight, these sessions are also ideal for anyone looking for support for a wide change of conditions.


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Healthy Weight


 Colonics, also called Colon Therapy or Hydrotherapy, are a safe, hygienic cleansing of the large intestine with purified water for the removal of toxic matter that has accumulated. Colonics reduce the toxic burden on the body, freeing up energy to be diverted to other systems. Colonics have existed for hundreds of years. The are a natural part of our self care, and help create a sense of well being physically and emotionally.

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Quantum Biofeedback Analysis

Analyze and assess your energy field, gaining insight on areas of stagnation, inflammation, or imbalance. Then we use this amazing technology to reduce reactivity and stress, restore harmony and energy flow. A powerful tool to proactively optimize your energy field for optimal well-being: body, mind, and spirit. Quantum biofeedback can also help determine what supplements, food, and remedies, are in harmony with you energetically, and those that are not, and much more!


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LIPO Laser Body Contouring - Coming in October!

LIPO laser therapy, or lipolysis, is a 100 percent non - surgical, non-invasive modality for fat reduction and skin tightening, with no down time.


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Biotherapeutic Drainage

Restore physiology and drive out pathology using the UNDA Numbered Compounds.

Indigo Living Coaching

Holistic coaching can help you identify road blocks, or self sabotage patterns, the root of thoughts or actions that are not in alignment with your goals, and provide you with techniques and insight to help you shift the energy and get creating!


It takes a great deal of courage to think differently than everyone else. Explore within. Live your most authentic life.

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Being "Indigo" includes looking at things differently than we have in the past, and challenging old ways of thinking and being. I blog about high vibrational eating, being proactive about your health, and fostering a healthy relationship with your body. Explore some of my posts...


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