Nutrition, Health, & Wellness Services

 My Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Sessions are an individualized and holistic approach to guide and support you in achieving your health goals, provide you with natural options to address illness and restore health, feel your best, and age well.


In our society many conditions and symptoms are simply blamed on aging. If we set cultural beliefs about aging aside, the reality is all dis - ease is a combination of Physical (Food, Lifestyle, Genes) Environmental, Emotional, and Spiritual aspects.  A Holistic view is essential to avoid simply chasing symptoms.


There is much you can at every age to thrive and have optimal health.  Consider these sessions for:

Weight Loss

True Detoxification

Nutritional Deficiencies

Skin Issues

Hormonal Imbalances

Insulin/Sugar Handling Problems

Food Intolerances


Memory Decline


Sleep Disturbances

Thyroid Disorders

Disordered Eating

Adrenal Fatigue




Leaky Gut

Leaky Brain

Digestive Issues

Prenatal Nutrition

Reproductive Or Fertility Issues

Life Coaching

UNDA Biotherapeutic Drainage


and more...


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Quantum Biofeedback Analysis

Tap into the quantum field to analyze and assess your energy field, and gain insight on areas of energetic stagnation, inflammation, or imbalance, and then reduce reactivity and stress, restore harmony and energy flow.

 Everything you are experiencing physically, emotionally, and mentally exists in your energy field FIRST. Quantum Biofeedback is an empowering tool to not evaluate the field, but to entrain your energy field with specific frequencies and vibrations for optimal health and well-being: body, mind, and spirit.


With Quantum Biofeedback you can explore food sensitivities, supplements, TCM meridians, chakras, organs and systems, herbs, Bach flowers, essential oils, acupuncture, pain solutions, and so much more. There are over 200 panels for testing.  Quantum Biofeedback can create remedies, program crystals and jewelry, and water. 

The possibilities are limitless!


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LASER Body Contouring

LIPO laser, or lipolysis, is a 100 percent non - surgical, non-invasive option for fat reduction and skin tightening, with no down time.


Low Level Light Lasers melt fat and allow you to sculpt and contour your body exactly where you want. Fat cells shrink immediately and the melted fatty acids and glycerol are removed from your body over the next few days via your metabolism and lymphatic system.


An additional benefit is the sessions are relaxing and allow you some extra “me” time in a busy schedule. Enjoy the warmth of the lasers while listening to healing music and meditating :)


Target stubborn fat, improve weight loss, and sculpt your body.  


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