Nutrition & Wellness Consulting


Weight Goals


One of the most common reasons someone is searching for a "Nutritionist" is for support with a diet or weight loss program.


Studies are clear that diets do not work, and usually result in even more weight gain. If the old paradigm of "calories in vs. calories out" was all there was to lasting weight loss we would not have the obesity epidemic that exists in North America.


My approach to food and/or weight addresses the quality of food you eat which is different than the old paradigm of simply counting calories. 100 calories of broccoli and 100 calories of Coke are not assimilated the same by your body!  I work with you to identify which foods help you thrive and nourish you, and those to which you may be having reactions such as inflammation or gut issues.


Weight loss becomes a side effect of improving your health. As your body returns to balance, it will naturally find your individual set point. More information if your goal is to lose weight.


Health & Wellness Goals


Nutrition & wellness go hand in hand. Health issues far beyond one's weight are impacted by our food choices, including:

  • Brain Fog, Memory Loss, Mood Swings or Depression
  • Environmental Allergies
  • Food Intolerances
  • Headaches
  • Digestive Issues - Bloating, Gas, Pain, Constipation, Loose Stools, Overgrowth of "bad" microflora
  • Sugar Cravings, Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia
  • Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Low Energy
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Skin Rashes, Hives, Acne
  • Joint Pain, Inflammation

Every food we choose is information to our genes and our cells, not simply calories. Symptoms are our bodies' ways of talking to us. Wellness sessions help you figure out what your body is telling you, and more importantly, for what it is asking.

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” - Socrates

RDA’s (recommended daily allowances) are based on the minimum amount of a nutrient required to sustain life, not on the optimum amount to achieve your peak health. Do you want to survive, or thrive?


Did you know that in times of stress your body uses and requires much higher amounts of specific nutrients?  Most of us rate our stress levels fairly high, and often are in a chronic state of stress that we start to consider normal.  Stress can come in many forms, many of which we wouldn't even think of as stress, but our bodies do.  For example, when we are fighting infection our bodies need up to 10 times the typical amount of Vitamin C.  Statin drugs (cholesterol lowering drugs) deplete the body of the vital nutrient Coenzyme Q10. These are just a couple of scenarios in which the RDA falls short of providing what we need for optimal health.

Again, symptoms are the way your body talks to you. My Wellness Sessions help you decipher these messages and identify how and what your body needs to restore physiology and health.


Book A Nutrition and Wellness Session for:

  • Finding your ideal weight, while nurturing your body.
  • Addressing a specific health issue.
  • Maximizing training results.
  • Determining what the best way to eat is for you.
  • Developing a healthy relationship with food, and your body.

An Initial Session Level 1 includes an assessment of your current food intake, lifestyle factors, and health history, followed by any or all of the following recommendations to help you reach your goals and achieve optimal health:

  • Best Foods, Foods to Avoid, etc. & Why
  • Lifestyle Strategies
  • Stress Management Techniques and Strategies

Level 2 includes the above, plus:

  • Supplements and/or Natural Health Remedies Recommendations
  • Written Recap Notes emailed to you post session (approximately 1-3 days afterwards)
Level 3 includes the above, plus:
  • Accountability Plan (Follow Up Support and Motivation)
  • Coaching to support the emotional and mental aspects that may arise in your session. Our relationships with food can be complicated!
Additional Nutrition Services:

Menu Planning, Grocery Store Tours, Kitchen Cupboard Clearings


 Investment and Package Options

Please visit the Eating Disorders page if you are struggling with food or body issues and would like more information.

“It became apparent that the way I ate was another way to soar.” – Geneen Roth, Author