Colonic Investment Options

hst will be applied to fees listed

Initial Colonic Session:  $95, or
                                          $215 for initial series of 3 (approx. 1 week apart - 5 week expiry*)

A first session includes an assessment of any symptoms or health challenges, food intake, and goals, as well as information and recommendations for optimal cleanse results (for those selecting a series of 3). For those who would benefit from more support with their goals, including supplement and natural remedies recommendations consider combining a full Consulting Session with your first colonic:


$195 - Initial Colonic with a Health and Wellness Consult with Quantum Biofeedback 

Subsequent Individual Colonic Sessions (Pay as you go.):   $79 (1-3 weeks since last appointment)

                                                                                            $85 ( 4+ weeks since last appointment)

Colonic Packages

  • 3 sessions - 2 month expiry*: $225
  • 6 sessions - 6 month expiry*: $450
  • 10 sessions - 10 week expiry*: $700
  • 12 sessions - 12 month expiry*: 900

Important Package Details

*Packages are offered to encourage your commitment to cleansing and help you obtain optimal results, meet your goals, and take a proactive approach with your health. For this reason, sessions are non-transferable, and refunds are not given for portions of packages not used within the given amount of time indicated/expiry*).


Cancellation Policy

24 business hours (Monday through Friday) notice is required to cancel or change appointments. Cancellations less than 24 business hours, "no shows" or arriving more than 10 minutes late will result in the full fee charged or deducted from your package. (Unlike other services I cannot simply shorten the length of a colonic if you are more than 10 minutes late.) 

"Are Colonics Covered by my Health Benefits?"

Colonics are not usually covered by your company's health benefits unless you have a Health Care Spending Account, but it is a good idea to check directly.  My nutritional designations (ROHP and ROHP) are often covered - again, please check directly with your provider.